sun conure health

  1. S

    Sun Conure age difference

    Hi, i have a 8 months sun conure male & i recently got a 2 and half month sun conure female from a friend. Both have bonded well and are currently staying in the same cage since 1 week without any issues. As my male will attain breeding maturity earlier, will it try to mate with the female...
  2. heillbera

    3 y.o. Sun Conure Behavior

    Hello! I have recently adopted a 3 y.o. Sun Conure. She has not been genetically tested, but her feet are pink (not coral) and I believe her to be a female. She has been in my home for six weeks, and has been stepping up onto my hand from her cage and coming out for the past five. She was...
  3. S

    Sun conure wing feathers appear lighter, aging or illness?

    My boy Sunny has had some discolouration in some of his Wong feathers, it's been a very slow gradual progression and I'm not sure it's actually getting worse or not. He's 12, so not quite a spring chicken, but I wouldn't say he's old either. He had a yeast infection early this year which cleared...
  4. J

    Sun conure not willing to take handfeedings or eat

    My sun conure is about 50 days old. I brought it when it was around 30 days. I use the Nutribird A21 formula to handfeed. As you can see it has grown up quite well. But it is now unwilling to take the formula. Moreover, it cannot self feed yet. What can I do to make things better? The first...
  5. J

    Sun conure baby missing a finger

    So one of my friends have brought a breeding pair of sun conure and they breeded and had a baby. This baby, my friend wanted to hand tame. But it is missing a finger. or we can say its finger didn't grow properly. Will it be a issue when this baby grow up? Like standing issue or flying issue...
  6. B

    My baby sun conure has peak separation

    Hello guys, I have a sun conure chick that has a separation on his bottom beak , its not bleeding or anything, and it doesn't seem to hurt or bother him. Should I worry about it, take him to vet? Or it will just grow up naturally? What do you suggest?
  7. J

    Need Parrot advice. Sun Conure

    My sun conure is 11 months old and I just brought him home Friday it wasn't until I did some more research that I found out that I was suppose to let him be the first few days. I have probably been trying to interact with him too much, but now that I know what to do the next few days I will keep...
  8. P

    Sun Conure Fluffing

    Hi all, Two days ago I got a new sun conure, (6 mo. old) and noticed yesterday he was puffed up and falling asleep on his perch. I am sure he is stressed from travels- store, to car, to new house, cage, people, hands, voices, etc. I don't think he slept much the first night at all...
  9. S

    Broken pin feather in the same spot?

    About a month ago, I was scratching pin feathers for my sun conure and I noticed a bloody one on her neck. It was bothering her so I looked it up online and assumed it was a broken pin feather so I pulled it out for her. I was worried she was bleeding but when I checked the spot 10 minutes later...
  10. LolaBird

    Hello! Few quic questions from Lola my Sun Conure

    Hey everyone my name is Lola, I am a five month old sun conure. I am beautiful, well at least that what my daddy is always telling me:) I have a few questions though, I was bought to my new home on December 2nd, and my dad has cared for me so much, he is always reading these forums and...
  11. Annaa

    Is my sun conure sick?

    I recently bought a sun conure from a private breeder. Tutti, my sun conure, is 3 months old so the seller gave me the baby food that I mix with warm water. But ever since I bought Tutti, he's been sneezing. I've had him for 5 days, and he sneezes on a daily basis, a few times in the morning...
  12. B

    Sun conure diet

    Hi guys Just wanting to get some peoples opinion My sun conure gets fed pallets, seeds, sprouted seeds, fresh food mostly apples and corn cause that's all he will eat. Is there anything else you think I should add to his diet?
  13. M

    Any Sun Conure Lovers that can spare some advice?

    Hey Everyone! I recently just joined...about 5 minutes ago lol. I have a pair of sun conures that have been with me for 2 years now. When I bought them, the guy told me they were male and female, but he didn't know for sure. Anyways they mated :D The first time the female Jane laid 4 eggs. Three...
  14. MarshallSpears

    Need some advice for my new Sun!

    I got a Sunburst Conure on the 4th of July. He is already spending 3 to 4 hours a day with me on my shoulder and lap. I just love him! However I notice some sneezing when he is preening or scratching his nose. He sneezes and some discharge will hit my face! But it seems to be clear. Like I...
  15. K

    RIP to most of my conures

    Hey everyone, today has been noted to be the worst day of my life. I came home from school to nothing. I found out all of my birds were sent to the hospital because they dropped like flies and it's been lead to believe that it was because of our cookware. We're not sure, they said it was...