1. Whimsicallyminded

    New rescue Sun Conure. Help please..

    Hi everyone, So I met a woman who had a sun conure about 4 years old. A few years earlier she found it at someone's house in a small cage on top of a giant snake cage. The owners would flick its beak and such things. She brought Mango (conure) home. She did the best she could with her and she...
  2. A

    red factor conure?

    someone said this is a one year old red factor and im not sure if its just a sun conure or actually a red factor. is it a red factor?
  3. apathygurl

    vibrating on my finger?

    hi, i'm new here. my 8 month sun conure, that i got a couple months ago, does this strange behavior i haven't heard of. she doesn't do it a lot but sometimes she'll latch her beak onto my finger or nail and start shaking up and down vigorously. she doesn't do that with anyone else in my family...
  4. P

    Need advice on a Sun Conure

    Hi all, I've had a Sun Conure for the past two years and have recently noticed some changes in his behavior. He has become seemingly possessive over me now..? He is fine to go to my fiance when he's on me but more possessive like while he's on me doing as he pleases like he owns me- biting me...
  5. S

    My suncoure vomiting

    Hi my name is sudhan from India. I am having two baby sun conure i am new two conure species already I am breeding buggies, cocktails and finches my baby sun conure age is 6 weeks and I am hand feeding for past 1 week using crop needle of 14 g size at first I started feeding 10cc per feeding...
  6. P

    Sun Conure questions/suggestions

    Hi all, I recently got a sun conure who has some behaviors I'm looking for suggestions on. While on my hand I noticed that he will do some things that I'm not 100% sure if they're good to be doing: 1. go for my mouth (and be super gentle!) He pushes his face toward mine and then just opens...
  7. E

    Adopted sun with a huge sexual problem

    So, I adopted a 6 year old female sun conure from a woman. The bird has plucked her entire chest and underneath her wings. My main issue is her sexual behaviour and that she is super clingy. I already have a little flock containing a illiger macaw, hooded parakeet, cockatiel and a male sun...
  8. Misscazzy

    PLEASE HELP! Advice after emergency adoption

    So my boss and landlord had a Sun Conure named Tuti. He was her husband's bird, but he is currently away in the military. She has been left to care for Tuti, and now that her daughter is in college and her other daughter is back in high school, no one is home to be with poor Tuti. He seems to...
  9. S

    My Sun conure is scared of me

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping someone can give me some words of encouragement. I recently bought a Sun Conure from a breeder who claimed he hand fed and tamed the birds. I should have realized he was lying the birds kept biting him. -___- but on the bright side, I was able to save my bird from...
  10. I

    Unsure about Conures real age??!! Help

    Hey I'm kinda unsure about the real age of my new (relatively) Sun Conure....I have previosly owned a sun conure (Mango :orange:) and after her unfortunate death earlier this year i have now a new friend also a sun conure ...his name is Darwin :orange:.... The lady whom i bought him from stated...
  11. Q

    My Sunny shares cage with cockatiel.

    My sun conure shares a cage with a cockatiel. The cockatiel is 3-4+ years older than the conure. The cockatiel is the family bird. The conure I got for my bday making it my bird. My parents promised me a cage for her but due to lack of space and my parents don't want it in my basement we were...