1. Nikkki

    Please help. Indian Ringneck "attacking" us.

    Hi fellow bird lovers, I have a beautiful grey Indian Ringneck (Alfonso) who turned 1 on November 21st. We're quite certain he's a male as I've seen him. doing what looks like a mating dance with some of his toys but he hasn't developed his ring yet. We brought home a beautiful 4 month old...
  2. Sophieh7

    Angry Budgie!

    Hello guys; I have 2 budgies. Enzo who was believed to be a male when purchased but im now 90% sure is female and Lola. I’ve had them both for around 4 months, Lola is a lot older than Enzo tho. I had them together but Enzo was being very territorial over almost everything in the cage so have...