1. J

    Need Advice for Cockatiel Feeding!

    Hi everyone, a week ago my girlfriend and I bought a Cockatiel who was seven weeks old (now eight). We were told by the breeders that he was weaned, and so we purchased him. Two days after we purchased him he began to make the “radio static screech,” which we learned meant that he was hungry...
  2. chloe.millar

    Re-homing my green cheek conure :(

    Hi there! My name is Chloe, and I got Bree (my GGC) when I was 14. I did extensive research and felt extremely prepared to take care of her, and I was. Unfortunately due to mental health issues at that time, I was hospitalized, and when I got back my mother had gotten rid of her. Fast forward...
  3. Kaylapocalypse

    Multiple cages for my new green cheek?

    Okay so here’s my situation. I recently lost my sun conure Katniss, and it obviously broke my heart after bonding with her all those years and I knew I needed another bird in my life. I live with my parents, and they didn’t hate my last bird, but after she bonded to me she started getting...
  4. Koni

    Tips on how to transition to a new cage

    I've had an IRN for about 5 years. He has lived in the same cage for all those 5 years. He's used to his old cage. I bought a larger one a few months ago and he was really scared at first. Couldn't even get close to it. I bring my IRN closer to the new cage every day and he keeps getting more...
  5. J

    Getting LuLu to eat fresh fruits and veggies

    Hi again :) So when I adopted LuLu they gave me a full bag of the pellets that they were currently feeding her. Its the Avian Entrees pelleted diet and it has a few dried carrots and apples in it. I've noticed that she has become very fond of the apples that are in it. But I've tried cutting up...