travel cage

  1. A

    Boarding Options for GCC

    Greetings! I've had Sencha (GCC) for about 18 months and haven't travelled during that time. I'm considering a trip later this year for about 7-10 days. I have a friend who is an experienced bird-keeper (she has a cockatiel and a GCC). She would be willing to care for Sencha (in her house)...
  2. N

    I really need some advice!!!

    ***A BIRD NET! Don't know why this has never occurred to me before! Any thoughts or advice on these?*** I've posted on here previously about my adopted rescue Amazon Hamish. He's 28 years old (I've been told but no ring to confirm this) and he's a very 'difficult' bird. 'Difficult' in this case...
  3. S

    Airline approved cages for Budgies

    I have my 5 month old budgie relocating with me to Sweden soon and was wondering if anyone had travel crate/accessories recommendations. I'll be on United Airline and then SAS :greenyellow:
  4. M

    HELP PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE !!! Need get my baby out of CHINA !!!!

    HELP PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE !!! I need information about exporting my Baby Talon an African Grey to anywhere from CHINA !!! Can anyone help me to get a list of WHERE HE can be taken ??? PLEASE I have tired and tried !!! I work and live in China but honestly I have been here 10 years and I want...
  5. Lildillydumpling

    Travel Cage with Landing Platform?

    Hi there ... looking at travel cages for two birds (two cages: GCC and Quaker) with landing platform. So far, this is the candidate that meets all requirements: Zoom Image Your thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Julie86

    Small Travel Cage

    I have been looking for a travel or small cage with 1/2"-5/8" bar spacing. I am having a hard time find one that fits my requirements. We have a two door car with two car seats in the back so we dont have the most room to fit a larger cage. I am looking for something in the 18x12 range, 10 to 12...