Boarding Options for GCC


Dec 4, 2021
Sencha - pineapple GCC

I've had Sencha (GCC) for about 18 months and haven't travelled during that time. I'm considering a trip later this year for about 7-10 days.

I have a friend who is an experienced bird-keeper (she has a cockatiel and a GCC). She would be willing to care for Sencha (in her house) while I'm gone. Alternatively, the bird shop where I acquired Sencha is about two hours away and offers boarding at a reasonable rate. They are a clean and professional facility, but I worry about Sencha being exposed to an indefinite number of birds rather than my friend's two. Also, Sencha is used to a fairly quiet environment and I wonder if he would find the shop overstimulating. The shop requires that boarding birds be tested for psittacosis and PBFD.

Which option do you think would be safest and least stressful for Sencha?
Hi. If you trust your friend, I think that is the best way to go. Aside from exposure medically to a larger group of parrots, it also would prevent your GCC from picking up unwanted calls from other parrots. THat used to happen with my little Max, a canary winged parrot. He would come back from the pet shop we boarded him at with all sorts of new and unwanted calls and screams!

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