1. Z

    Caique Treat Recommendations?

    Hello everyone! Trying to advance in trick training with my 1 year old WBC, but can't seem to find the right treat for the motivation! He's come pretty far, even though he gets distracted and forgets about his reward in the middle of eating it :LOL: Have seen some impressive tricks from...
  2. veimar

    Weeds into treats!

    Someone posted on this forum about giving their bird a dandelion flower, and everybody said the were good for birds. My flock is very reluctant to eat the veggies, so I didn't have much hope when giving them some dandelion flowers and leaves which we had in abundance in our backyard. To my...
  3. R

    Bird only stepping up for treat

    So my 2 new birds are wild (parent raised). I've had them for a little over 3 weeks. The Turquoisine is a year old and very skittish so I've been going very slow with him. I extend millet out to him and I leave my hand in the cage to try and move it closer. I want him to get used to my hand...
  4. V

    Safe to use a treat??

    I made a bread yesterday including the following ingredients: Hazelnuts Walnuts Pistachios Sunflower Seeds Pumpkin Seeds Golden Flax Seeds Psyllium Husk Powder Quinoa Flakes Banana Honey Coconut Oil Water Thanks for your answers :D