1. cosmothebirb

    Eddie is "waving"... xd

    Eddie learnt a few tricks but the funniest by far is his wave. For me personally it's the trickiest one to teach a parrot and I think I was so excited when he did it finally that I started giving him the treats. But now he has it down and it is fun but it's not quite a wave. He positions his...
  2. Asa the GCC on her Back

    Asa the GCC on her Back

    We had to learn this trick so I could put a cream on her foot after she got a small burn. But she loves it now!
  3. Quetki

    tricks/rolling over

    I've been teaching my 5-month year-old GCC how to roll. He can't seem to do it by himself... or doesn't know how to. He will only "roll over" on my finger. He spins himself with it, but still (kinda?) uses the ground. I'm not sure how to proceed with it. I don't know how to get him to roll over...
  4. C

    Caique Treat Recommendations?

    Hello everyone! Trying to advance in trick training with my 1 year old WBC, but can't seem to find the right treat for the motivation! He's come pretty far, even though he gets distracted and forgets about his reward in the middle of eating it :LOL: Have seen some impressive tricks from...
  5. Violet_Diva

    Happy The Eclectus - Amazing Videos

    I thought it was time for some smiles :D I found some videos of an eclectus called Happy. He's a bilingual chatterbox! You may have watched him before. He has a very impressive vocabulary and can do some nifty tricks too. The most visually striking being him riding a bicycle... yes you read that...
  6. claireby13

    Teaching parrot to bow?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone could help me with a little conundrum I've encountered while training Tiko. I'm trying to teach him a trick I've called 'bow', where I make him follow a target stick with his head and try to get him to lower his head. However, I was just wondering ways to fade...