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    What is this?

    He's been biting at the area for almost a year. Got a scab rips it off then started again. However in the last few days it got like this? He was just at the vet and said the scab was to large to see what's going under there.
  2. B

    HELP Budgie has a sore/tumour?

    Hi all, recently our pet budgie has gone off her food and water, she’s all fluffed up and is sleeping nearly all day. Today we found this on her around her bum and we don’t know what to do! We don’t have any avian vets near us, so any recommendations as to what this could be would be so helpful...
  3. L

    Knotgrass for budgies

    Hi My 6 year old budgie started developing lameness in her right leg a few weeks ago. When I took her to the avian vet he found a lump in her abdomen which is probably a kidney tumour. After some research I found some budgies with this condition have benefited from knotgrass and want to give it...
  4. A

    Black Ball Dangling? Green Cheek

    Hey everyone i woke up this morning gave my green cheek some fruit and went away for a couple hours but when i came home i found this black hard dangling thing on my conures neck, i dont know what it is but i took it out it seemed to not give pain to my bird but as we took it out we as well...
  5. N

    Growth on wing

    Hello everyone, I have a female cockatiel that I found in the dumpster almost 5 years ago named Raffi. Today when I let her out of her cage she stretched out her wings and I noticed a strange growth. It is very well hidden and you have to move a lot of feathers over to be able to see it. I am...
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    new member(help) my bird has cancer!!!!!!!!!

    Dear friends, Yesterday , I got some very bad news. I have worked with animals my whole life and have faced similar decisions with other animals, but with my Bird "Fred" it seems so much harder. Seeking wisdom and help in your forums. Fred is a sulfercrested cockatoo.. I have had him...