1. P

    African Grey First Meet Up - Behavioural Breakdown

    Hi all, Last night I finally went to retrieve the much unloved family parrot, Bobby. He’s now safe with me in a new scary environment, starting off from the basics, but I recorded our initial meet up at collection. Ultimately I can say the situation was extremely tense. Bobby used to like me...
  2. HeatherG

    Looking for Quaker NestCam

    I’m sure you have seen falcon cams or eagle cams online. Well, I’m wondering if there’s a Quaker Parakeet nest cam out there somewhere. Something that might show babies being raised inside the big apartment nest. It seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to wire an existing nest with a wireless...
  3. FrancisMom

    And Speaking of Hormones...

    Okay, so I finally figured out how to get a video onto here, so here it is: This is something Francis does EXCESSIVELY. Mostly on my husband but also somewhat on me and on some of his toys. He makes regurgitating motions but rarely...
  4. FrancisMom

    Video Woes

    Ugh, why isn't there an easier way to upload videos? My U2 has ritualized behavior that I want to ask about. I can't find any explanation about it anywhere, and I'd like to show it here but I can't upload a video unless I go to some third party site, make a whole other account, upload the...
  5. seabirdlv

    They are so cute.

    Wanted to share this short video contribution to the cuteness of the parrots. Macaws being macaws a parrot video - YouTube
  6. C

    The Cuteness Is Deadly

    Too Cute! Charlie the Caique Parrot - Playing with Tissues - YouTube It's amazing how a tissue can be more fun than all his toys combined. He was so absorbed in the tissue that he fell off my lap. Lucky i caught him.
  7. Inger

    Barbara Heidenreich Videos?

    My CAV recommended these to me, but before I start coughing up money for the videos, I thought I'd get your opinions. Since Bumble doesn't have any problem behaviors (yet), I would probably just get the "How to Train Your Parrot" which addresses targeting (Bumble's pretty good at that already)...
  8. R

    cute things to teach?

    Hey so what are some cute things you can teach your macaw (like speaking and trick-wise) My baby already does a few things (vocally) He: •says "ow" whenever he hits his beak on something •says "what?" whenever I look at him for a few seconds but dont say anything •makes a kiss noise whenever i...
  9. odge

    The feeding aftermath

    I have made a video of the cockatiels and how they behave AFTER they have been fed. Subtitled again for your enjoyment :)] Hope the link works...
  10. veimar

    Great video about parrots in the wild

    australia land of parrots - YouTube Enjoy! :)
  11. veimar

    Great movie for parrots :D

    Питомники попугаев. Parrot's feature-length DVD film. - YouTube Hey, have you ever seen this? These guys make videos FOR PARROTS to watch!! The beginning is annoying - so start from around 4:20 and let your parrot watch it. It's meant mostly for large birds, but there are some...
  12. M

    How to Make a Budgie Salad!

    How to Make a Budgie/Hamster Salad - YouTube Wanted to share how to make a budgie salad even though they are really easy to make and almost everyone knows how to anyways ahha :):greenyellow:
  13. A

    Free Flight Video

    OK - so I've been looking into the idea of this ever since watching "Earthflight" and was looking at ways to record video of our birds flying around. I thought I'd start a discussion here to see if anyone has ever managed to record their bird's free flight experience from their...
  14. walterbyrd

    Okay to show video of other lovebirds?

    I found the lovebird in my backyard, two weeks ago. I could not find the owner, so I kept the bird. This is my first lovebird, or bird of any kind. I have a nook color, with which, I can watch youtube videos. I loaded some videos of other lovebirds singing, and showed the videos to my...
  15. Keets4Ever

    Sundance's first movie

    I just uploaded a video to Youtube of my newest little feathered friend, a sun conure named Sundance. I hope you enjoy it. :) Sundance the Movie - YouTube Some information about Sundance Sundance was hatched in Michigan, (USA) on January 3, 2012. I refer to him as a he just for simplicity...
  16. B

    New website

    I have been concerned about the plight of abandoned and neglected parrots and have decided to try to inform about CAGs using story and video. Please check out our brand new site
  17. B

    Talking Parrot Einstein Video

    Testing the video embedding: YouTube - Talking Parrot Einstein