wing flicking

  1. cosmothebirb

    Constant wing flicking? (help xd) (edit: it's mixed with full on flapping now and streching out wings full length)

    Hellooo. Today I woke up and let Eddie out of his cage, and he seems a bit overstimulated?? IDK if thats the reason but we won't stop flicking his wings (I managed to capture some of it, but he does it pretty frequently. Every slight movement I make is accompanied by wing flicking. He doesn't...
  2. cosmothebirb

    Edgar is quite bitey!

    Hello once again! So as I said in my previous post we got a new baby bird (he is approximately 2 months old), and as it was with our beloved Cosmo, so it is with Edgar - quite a challenge. I dont remember if Cosmo was this bitey but Edgar sure is. As I learned all birds bite a little as...
  3. A

    Wing flipping/twitching Maximilian pionus, help!

    So I’ve had my lil guy for about 9 months now, and he’s the sweetest little bird. He’s a little over a year old, and he’s never had any sort of weird behaviour until now. This morning I noticed he was flipping his wings, and I immediately got worried and kept a closer eye on him. He hasn’t...
  4. J

    My sun conure keeps flicking her one wing

    Just got a sun conure. 12 weeks old. She flicks her left wing and chirps almost every time. I dont know if it's attention seeking or discomfort. The lady I bought her off clipped her wings and left the outer 2 feathers untouched. It's the same flick as my other conure does when he's getting...