Constant wing flicking? (help xd) (edit: it's mixed with full on flapping now and streching out wings full length)


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Jul 3, 2023
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Hellooo. Today I woke up and let Eddie out of his cage, and he seems a bit overstimulated?? IDK if thats the reason but we won't stop flicking his wings (I managed to capture some of it, but he does it pretty frequently.

Every slight movement I make is accompanied by wing flicking. He doesn't seem scared or anything, he isn't biting us to tell us to back off, and I started target training today.
He is currently playing with my keys and seems a bit more calm, but even so flicks his wings every now and then.
Is this hormonal? Is it normal with birds in a new environment? I try not to limit my movements and you know general sounds that I make because I want him to accumulate to the new lifestyle as soon as possible. He flicks when I try to pet him as well, but doesn't bite me or display "don't touch me behaviour", just seems to me like he's literally going "OMGOMGOMG" the whole time... I AM VERY CONFUSED?

How should I approach this behaviour? Do I put him in the cage if he gets too flicky? Do I keep target training (is it bad if I keep training and he does it mid training as well?)

Any tips and explanations on this behaviour are welcome. (Our previous bird Cosmo also did this but not this much, so I need advice)



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Nov 22, 2015
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Hmmm.... to me that does not look like its a voluntary action, more like some kind of neurological thing. Me, personally, I would have him checked out by a really well qualified Certified Avian Vet - definitely not a dog and cat vet.

My 8 yr old Amazon does this very occasionally, but its more like he is resetting feathers on his wing then a repeated motion a few times a minute.

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