1. Mochikospets

    Tiel holding wings weird?

    Hi there! I have one hand fed baby cockatiel and one adult female, we recently decided to add a mate for her from a breeder. All of his cockatiels seemed in good health, clean cages, everything. He said this boy’s mate flew away, and he was in a cage with a bunch of females and another male. I...
  2. Mochikospets

    Hand reared cockatiel thinks she’s human? With arms?

    Hi there! New here. I’ve been an animal lover my whole life and recently got into birds! I have a little experience hand-rearing birds, but this is my first cockatiel. I got her around 4 days old, eyes closed. I’ve had her for about a month now. She’s an adorable little bird, loves attention and...
  3. J

    Sprained wing

    Hey everyone, Looking for some insights. 3 weeks ago, my baby, Kiara, sprained her wing. I took her to the vet straight away. She had x rays done to confirm it’s a sprain. She’s on anti-inflammatories and doing well. Eating and drinking as usual. Personality as bright as ever. She still can’t...
  4. M

    Mr. Manu and his weird feather

    Aloha all, I'm a mommy of a 1 year old feisty green cheek. We've had him for a year now and hes happy and healthy. I've noticed today he has a flight feather that is grey and appears to be falling out. Hes getting new feathers around his neck, so I'm unsure If this is normal since I've never...
  5. W

    Conure Plucked? Wing

    After a bath today I discovered that one of my Conure's wings has a bare patch hidden under a primary feathers. The patch is on the top of the right wing, where the first 2 primary feathers are. She has been preening small down feathers but mostly on her chest. Is this a natural part of her...
  6. E

    Strange Wing Wound - photos 1st post

    My 9 year old female cockatiel isn't sick, but something is definitely wrong. Notes: Diet: Harrison's pellets, for nearly a year. Red palm oil since April. Cage: Ample size, new as of February. All new perches and toys as of March. Clutch history: 4-6 infertile clutches, discourage...
  7. S

    Injured wing?

    My budgie will sometimes let his left wing droop down beside him, he is not stretching it, he just lets it sit there and he'll drag it along for a bit when walking, but he'll tuck it back in if someone comes near. Also after flying, that wing will shake a bit, and he'll hold it in an awkward...
  8. S

    need help training

    had lola bird about 3 weeks now and we're getting on great :) would like to start some training to help stimulate her mind rather than just chilling lol. my problem is i bought her from the breeder as weaned and long story short... she isn't. so im feeding her formula and there lies my problem...
  9. S

    Made my decision!

    I thought since you've all been so friendly and helpful I'd let you know that I made my decision. I was in the breeders home and he shown me both and I knew instantly which was the bird for me. Lola the green-wing macaw should be home on Wednesday :D As a new macaw owner and always eager to...