Conure Plucked? Wing


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Sep 20, 2017
Ro the Green Cheek Conure
After a bath today I discovered that one of my Conure's wings has a bare patch hidden under a primary feathers. The patch is on the top of the right wing, where the first 2 primary feathers are. She has been preening small down feathers but mostly on her chest. Is this a natural part of her molt? I haven't seen her plucking but perhaps she has been? I am very worried for her and was wondering if anyone else has seen/experienced this? She is a healthy bird otherwise, her vet gave her a clean bill of health a week ago.
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I awoke to her having a bad night fright. I don't know what set her off but perhaps she has had them before and I slept through? Maybe that is how the bald patch came about. She had a night terror and scraped it. Her cage was covered and a night light was put into place. She was talked to and cuddled (she came running for them) and is better now. But could a night fright be responsible for her bare patch?

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