1. lunyluna

    Beware of Zupreem - Macaw in Crisis

    I've had my rescued Scarlet Macaw Luna for 3 1/2 years now, and throughout that time (and her year-long foster period beforehand) she has been on a Zupreem pellet diet. She started on the regular fruit blend for large birds, then I started mixing in the natural and veggie blends, and finally...
  2. FrancisMom

    Zupreem Worry

    I'm wondering if anyone else has seen problems with Zupreem pellets. I've been giving Francis the Fruit Blend since I got him 2 years ago, and it's been fine. However, in early September I noticed that all of the Zupreem products were on sale for 40% off at the Petco I shopped at, in the...
  3. PenClem

    Zupreem Avian Breeder fruit-blend pellet diet ~40 lbs

    I recently bought an open, but almost completely full bag of Zupreen Avian Breeder fruit-blend pellet diet for Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Conures, etc. It's almost 40 lbs of food with a sell-by date of 05/2019. After doing some research on the food, I cannot feed it to my non-breeding birds so I...
  4. PenClem

    Non-breeders on a breeder's diet?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum so please feel free to stop by and say "Hello!" I have two Lovebird sisters who are now 3 y/o. I've had them since they were weaned and even though they are housed together in their flight cage, they love to have my attention and affection. I...
  5. JoshuaTarantino

    ZuPreem Natural VS Other Pellet Diets?

    Any preference to a pellet diet? I've been looking into converting my budgie to ZuPreem Natural... Thanks ahead!
  6. happycat

    Which food should I keep him eating?

    I got my kakariki eating zupreem fruit pellets and cockatiel food. (A mixture of both ) He seems to like the tiel food a bit better but he's not picky. Does anyone know which I should wean him off and which food I should keep?
  7. taylor_

    is it bad to switch food?

    okay so crowley has been eating zupreem avian total maintenance cockatiel sized pellets since we got him but our bag is now finally running low. should i save the last bits of it to slowly mix into new food so he eats the new stuff or should i just be able to switch it? he's a really good...