Which food should I keep him eating?


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Mar 9, 2012
Virginia, U.S.
Kakariki (Kirby) Cockatiel (Shiro) Jenday Conure (Jojo)
I got my kakariki eating zupreem fruit pellets and cockatiel food. (A mixture of both ) He seems to like the tiel food a bit better but he's not picky. Does anyone know which I should wean him off and which food I should keep?
If it's between seeds or pellets, I would recommend both. If kakariki's are anything like budgies and cockatiels in that their wild diet contains a lot of seeds, then it would be best to keep seeds in your kaks diet. Do something like 50/50 of seeds and pellets.

Or..... replace the dry seeds with sprouted seeds.

Also, feed other healthy foods such as vegetables, some fruits, the occasional cooked eggs, grains and legumes.

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