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May 23, 2018
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I've been thinking if to post it because it's not any problem but I think it is VERY weird.
I have a parrot related page on FB (mostly in Polish), which I abandoned few months ago. I wrote in its description "The site is abandoned", to inform new followers that prob no new posts will be available.

Now I visit the site once for few weeks and today I saw hundreds of likes, many by Vietnamese:eek: It is weird but not the weirdest part... all likes are for 4 posts and all of them were given a week ago. I can't say the exact date (I visited too late) but I also got new followers and I can check their "follow date" - it was May 30th. And only this day.
My first thought was that maybe somebody shared these 4 posts but there are no shares, so the only possible way would be sharing on another site (I mean - not on Facebook) I found a single share by somebody who speaks Portuguese but it was a different post and it was 3 or 4 days ago, so much later than this weird thing.

Normally I don't visit statistics (I don't care about such thing), but this time it was too strange... so I did it.
According to the statistics, Poland still dominate among followers. Later it's Turkey, Indonesia, India. But strangely the top language is Portuguese, later Polish. On the 3rd place it's Turkish.
1. Vietnam (925!! - how??!!!)
2. USA (15)
Poland is on the 4th place
Among top cities, there are only Vietnamese ones of course. This time language hits are similar to country hits - Vietnamese wins of course. Later it's English and Polish

It's also an interesting part - Poland isn't even in top countries!
1. Vietnam (1525 - HOW??!!!)
2. Brazil (207)
3. Turkey (191)
Poland is on the.... 13th place:eek:
But... languages....
1. English (1291) - it means that most likes were given in Vietnam using English version of Facebook.
2. Portuguese (Brazil - 812)
3. Vietnamese (508)

Why do I find it as weird?
  • Why these 4 posts? They are recent ones but not the newest ones
  • Why only these 4 posts? There are no likes for any other posts only for these 4.
  • Why are there hundreds of likes? The record has a link to this forum about Vet help for Ukrainian birds - over thousand likes.
  • Why did it happen in just one day?
I decided to write it because maybe somebody of you had a similar situation? How do you think - is it a bot? Somehow I can't believe they were real people... + I think that Vietnam is quite known from such bots. I can understand that sometimes few posts are definitely more popular than others but even than usually people react longer than just one day and some of them go to see other posts but it usually happens after sharing. It is just too strange.
Ps. another weird thing - according to above statistics Vietnam/English doesn't even dominate among followers but I still got many follows this one day.
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Apr 23, 2010
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I don't use Facebook and I'm not sure what all the "likes" from Vietnam might mean. It does seem strange, especially since your Facebook posts are in Polish. It made me think of another forum I visit that for a while was overwhelmed with spam posts in Vietnamese (which no one on that forum could read or understand). Very strange.


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Jul 10, 2015
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Parrot Forum can from time to time have hackers attempt to influence individuals to visit specific site, etc. And, a heavy use of individuals from specific Country's like Vietnam could indicate that such individuals are practicing on your closed pages. You may want to report it to who if anyone oversees such activities on Facebook.

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