Advice on what parrot to get?


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Mar 28, 2019
I’m looking to get a bird within the next year or so. I want to be sure to be thoroughly researched before making any decisions. I’m having a tough time deciding what kind of parrot I want to get and am looking for suggestions. I know each bird is different with their own personalities, but I’m just looking for generalizations for the different species of parrots. A lot of information I find online is conflicting, so I wanted to ask people who have owned them. So a little about my household so you can help me choose a good fit. I am a stay at home mom so I’m home pretty much all day. I have two young kids under 5 (they would be highly supervised while interacting with the bird) so I need a bird that won’t be territorial over me and could eventually be a companion for them as well as they get older. I know cockatiels are usually what people recommend but I don’t think I could deal with all of the dust. The qualities I’m looking for in a bird are: not very dusty (I know all birds create a dander but some less than others), good with kids (as in not a “one person bird” and generally gentle), and I would like for the bird to be kind of snuggly and like to sit with me while I watch tv or read. I know I may be being a little too picky. So far I’ve looked into pionus, lovebirds, Meyer’s parrots, and green cheek conures. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!


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Feb 6, 2010
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Hello and welcome. Thank you for trying to do serious research before taking something like a parrot on. Many don’t do this and the birds pay for it later.

You might look into caiques. Comical clowns, Not quite as prone to one person syndrome and can make great companions for families. Likely these are right up your alley!


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Jul 12, 2012
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I second Chris in caiques as a strong contender if you prefer a medium sized parrot. I’ve never owned one but from what I can tell, they’re typically high energy and highly social little guys and would probably delight small children with their antics.

You may also want to look at small species amazons, which tend to be a bit less intense than the ‘hot 3’ species who give the whole amazon family a bit of a reputation;). The hot 3 are double yellow heads, yellow napes and blue fronts, which are larger and can be a bit more aggressive during puberty and their annual mating season than other amazons. There are numerous smaller more gentle and laid back amazons though and they generally make good family birds. I personally grew up with amazons, a little green cheek amazon (aka the Mexican red headed amazon) and a double yellow head (though not necessarily a first choice family bird for a first time bird owner). They were great birds, the female DYH especially, who would sit on my crib as a baby and stand on my chest all day long whenever I got sick as a child and comfort me. The green cheek amazon was the sweetest bird on earth. Never bit anyone that I’m aware of, just a gentle little soul. I in fact went on to adopt an amazon as an adult I liked my moms so much. The green cheek passed a few years ago now, but the double yellow head is still alive and healthy! I don’t think caiques live quite as long as amazons (65+ years) but they still have at least 35+ year lifespans, if I’m not mistaken (even budgies can live 15+ years, cockatiels at 25+ and conures 30+ with proper care).
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May 23, 2018
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I would advise *against* a caique as a first bird actually - they are adhd, so a pain in the buttfeathers to train and because their short attentionspan are prone to change their minds halfway doing something (like being nice and step up).
They are definately high energy, but just like lovebirds: a bit on the fanatic side.
They bite like they mean it!

I've talked to people who actually had macaws etc without any issues and gave up on a caique because the bites were that bad! (They chomp down and hang in there, just grinding into your flesh.)

From what I've read here: go cocatiel or green cheec connure.
Sociable and cuddlebutts.
You could even get a budgie: if you put in the time they can becone really, really tame and fun! (Try to get a male, they are easier.)
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