African grey vs scarlet macaw


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Mar 31, 2022
Even tame birds are hard. They live long lives—generally outliving their well-intended adopters’ ability to care for them. They are wild animals—never “tame” like a domesticated species—and they require “enrichment”, which is a euphemism for wanton destruction, or their lives are just caged misery.

I get what you’re saying—you’d rather perpetuate a chick mill churning out roulette spins. Some find decent homes, while most wind up in troubled circumstances. Yes, young birds are “easier”. But if you need that kind of easy, you aren’t the best bet to deal with the challenges even the “perfect” bird presents.


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Aug 29, 2018
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Dear members, this thread is beginning to deviate away from the OP’s original question. Other debates and differing viewpoints will inevitably surface alongside the original topic and they are also welcome, provided they can be discussed without hostility or animosity. Points have already been well made regarding the topic of adopt-versus-shop, and if someone would like to start their own thread about this issue, you are free to do so provided that debate is civil. May I respectfully request that further contributions to this thread now please kindly return to the original question as posed by the OP. Thank you.


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Apr 7, 2022
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Not all people want a rescue. Sure, it's better to rescue but some people prefer buying a young bird because it's easier to tame. On a Fb conure group we always were warning that such parrots may be be a bigger challenge. It''s better if somebody will buy a tamed bird and will take care of it instead of rescuing and rehoming again because it was too hard. Not all people are able to sacrifice the same amount of time, money etc.

Also note - some people are bird lovers but it's not indifferent for them how the bird will look like/what's the species. If somebody wants a rarer species, it is hard to find a rescue.
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