Aggression or Friendly?


Mar 31, 2015
Pennsylvania, USA
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My GCC has started doing something and I'm not sure exactly what he's trying to say. He will get his beak close to the cage walls and if I gently stroke it with my finger tip he will lean into it and then crouch lower (he sits on his food dish and he sinks his body down just a bit) and also makes a small sound as he flutters a wing(like a small shake). He just recently started this. I can even rub from forehead down, but then either before this or after he will place his beak between the bars (only his beak will fit) and Bob his head with beak still between bars, sometimes acting as if he wants to bite.

He almost seems to relax at the touch, his eyes half closing, but the sinking down, the small noise, and the slight wing flap has me confused. Is he warning me or coming around to me? Of he let's me I will touch him but sometimes when I first approach he will circle his head and open his mouth at me, then settle a bit. This touching thing is new and I don't want to misinterprete him. Thanks!


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Aug 15, 2013
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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Head bobbing is a sign of love generally, because it means regurgitating. And he may be doing that because he thinks you're going to hand feed him food. How young is he? If he's around the 3 month mark, he would've just been weaned recently and probably still recalls the signals for hand feeding.

If a conure doesn't want to be touched, they let you know. Avery gave me a nice chomp because I was ignoring her signs while I was preoccupied with my ringneck. It takes time, but eventually you learn the quirks and the signs of your bird.

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