An update on things on my end here ...


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May 20, 2007
British Columbia, Canada
Serenity & Pix and their kids Jade & Tango (Peachfaced Lovebirds) and Bonnie (Budgie)
Okay here goes ...

Okay, first, the babies:

They are big, flying really really well and for the most part weaned. They are playing with toys as well as each other and mom and pop. From watching them (and Serenity and Pix) I think Jade is a female and Tango is a male. They have not been dna'ed or anything, but from watching HOW they have began to behave they seem to be very similar, in their own right, to each parent respectively.

They are however, going through a faze (I hope only a faze) of being scared of me. I have been handling them since they were teeny, but recently they have decided I am the boogie man.

The four of them were all getting quite aggressive, I really don't know what this was about, and all were nippy. No idea why. So, I got thinking; when I first got Serenity her wings were not clipped and she was a sweet baby, until Pix (who I clipped before bringing home) came. Then she became a biatch.

So back then, I thought, "hmm, what if she HAD to trust me, what if I clipped her wings?" and then did so. She calmed right down and was not AS nippy. So I had two sweet lovely birds. Along the road, not that much nippiness going on, happy happy. Then Serenity got knocked up and I stopped keeping their wings clipped. I figured if any eggs hatched then they would need to teach the babies how to fly, so ok, no clipped wings.

That brings us to Thursday night. After an hour trying to get the lot back into their cages, and the clock turning to nearly midnight I called in reinforcements. With help I got them all caged and had several bites (most from Jade, the little devil).

Friday they all got their wings clipped before being let out for the day. That night I had all 4 of them in their cages in 5 minutes. They can all still fly a little, but they seem to be more willing to be handled. Pix is stepping up again (he knew that from before I got him) and Serenity actually stepped up too (which she had not learned before she got biatchy).

Okay, next, me:

The "D" is coming along, nearly ready to be filed (I really would have liked this to be moving along MUCH faster as I feel they are dragging their heels at least a bit); so this is good. Also, I found MY digital camera cord so I can now put up better quality pictures and videos. Yeah!

Went to an interview that looks promising on Friday as well. Won't know anything though until the end of the month. I kinda liked that job, and I think I'd be good for it and I could do the same thing once I move to California (may be able to even work out a transfer which would be even better! - it's an international chain of hotels).

Also, I have begun DJ'ing for a radio station, well, will be as soon as I can figure out HOW to get on air *enter stink eye here*

I have been sort of absent, but it has been quite stressful and a little crazy around here. There is over 500 new posts since coming on last, so I won't probably get to most of them but will look see the most I can.
Congrats on your DJ'ing!

And, it sounds like the little ones are not so little anymore! Congrats on proper parronting!! :D

Is it proper if I say congrats on a speedy "D"? :confused:

Anyway, it sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now ... chin up, head up, and take the rapids as they come!!!
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yes its ok to say that Deanna, gawd I cant wait for it to be over with ... biggest mistake i have ever made :(

The babies are JUST about as big as mom and dad, and have even bigger attitudes. They LOVE sleeping in the folds of my curtains hehe
Hey Indigo, you've been missed here but can see you've had a lot on your plate.

Congrats on the "D" and DJing oh and good luck with the job. :D

Hope everything continues to move on quickly. Take care see ya when you can get on.
Congrats for the good things that came your way!Indeed you've been missed here, I was about to ask the forum where you've been, coz I was away 5 days and didn't get to all posts soon enough!:D

I'm so happy that your fids are doing well, we are now waiting for pics....You promised us remember?;)

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