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Aug 17, 2009
Warwick, RI
I had rescued and re homed an african grey named leo.

and i have an almost 12 yr old female blue and gold macaw named mozart or we call her mo mo.
Hi my name is Shanna, and along with my 2 legged kids I have a feathered child as well. I hand raised her and bought her for my mother but my mother was unable to care for her due to health reasons. So me and my husband took her in. She's an almost 12 yr old blue and gold macaw named Mozart or we call her mo mo. All was going great up in till we had kids (my first born wil be 5 in January and my daughter is about 8 months old).

Mo mo has been neglected and not on purpose. She liked me up in till she fell in love with my husband lol. But he's tired from working and then helping with the kids and what not and she has turned to feather plucking or over preening cause she hasn't pulled them out yet more like cutting them off.

So we are here to seek help to make her life better we don't want to give her up we love her dearly.

So I'm off to reading and getting ideas. Thanks for reading.

here's a picture of her.


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