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Dec 6, 2006
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Ok, so I have a pretty good understanding that my bird needs lots of toys and they need to me new/changed often to keep my birds intrest. I have desided to make my own toys.... here comes the question....
I know some of the things that I shouldn't put in the cage and I know some things that are ok to put in the cage. One of the things I know people put in cages that worry me are plastic beads... (remember A.G. Congo) Is there any chance that she can break the bead and swollow/choke on it? Or any other hard plastic toy of sorts.

thank you

(and I am sure there will be many more questions to come)
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Ah-ha.... knew I would think of another :p
What are some of the brands of pellets you guys use?
Good question about the plastic toys. Seems lots of
"safe" toys out on the market use plastic today, I'd just be careful your bird isn't eating it. I've thought about using just wood toys for my bird, but haven't decided yet. Seems like they really like the plastic bits.

As for what brand of pellets, I use TOP Organic pellets which are made from completely organic human grade materials, with no artificial color/flavor which is very important for Eclectus. Only downside is that it is considered "Pricey" but at 25.00 for a 5lb bucket it doesn't seem so bad.

I order my pellets from "The Birdsafe store", great customer service and fast shipping. 866-338-1230,
I make alot of my own toys maybe I will post som pics i still ove buying them though you just get alot of variety and save alot making your own. I use zupreem pellets because they are readily availible in bulk and bulk is significatly cheaper - although I prefer Kaytee
I have a mixture of wood, plastic (hard) and acrylic, the wood so that he can chew and destroy :D and boy he gets through them quickly, so I save a lot of bits from toys that he has managed to destroy and make new ones. The plastic I tend to stick with the rings, squares and ball type ones, he loves those as I make them so that he can move the things, I stay away from the small beads for the reason he could swallow one. No point in taking any chances. Acrylic, well he can be as rough with those as he wants to be and there's no chance (so far) that he can break them.

As far as pellets are concerned I have to be really sneaky with them, Bucc hates them and will NOT touch them when I put them in his bowl. I now keep them in a biscuit jar and pretend I am eating them, then of course he has to have some human biscuits :D cos they're really not good for him. He's happy cos he thinks he's eating human food, I'm happy cos I know he's eating healthy. I will use a mixture of Zupreem and kaytee, he seems to prefer the kaytee human biscuits.
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Dont know much about making toys because i cheat and just buy them. as for pellets do you get VETAFARM(tm). parrot pellets if so then i strongly recomend them. I have used kaytee myself and have found them to be pretty good.:D

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