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Dec 6, 2006
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I would automaticly say canned veggies are not the best choice.... what about frozen. Most of that kind of stuff I will be serving fresh, but some things like peas and carrots and beans I would like to buy frozen so it lasts longer (Bird will be eatting better than us) :p

I can't wait, hehehe, Pickles is going to be one spoiled birdy
The place i got Misty from used frosez mixed vegetables heated in the microwave (one pet store that sure knew their stuff) so it was very convenient!
I hear canned veggies have added Sodium, so I'd stay away from those.

Fresh Organic veggies are the best as frozen veggies lose nutrients when frozen. I lucked out, there is a health food store right around the corner from where I work, so once a week I can pick up fresh veggies there.
Yep you can use frozen veggies, I have given these to my fids on occasions and they love em as much as the fresh stuff, they way the shove it all down not even sure they can taste it anyway. :D

Also if you can get Palm Nuts, they are a Greys natural diet and they absolutely love em. Bucc will get 2 per night and that is more than enough. When he's going through his moult he will get 3 every other day.
I give all my birds frozen mixed vegies and they love them. From what i read about greys diet is crucial so do your research.

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