Anyone have experience with a bird with liver, kidney’s issues


Jan 7, 2024
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My rainbow lorikeet blood test show his kidney and liver function isn’t working how it should his symptoms are mostly loss of appetite only wanting to eat grape and apple refusing to eat necter which is making his weight drop and drinking lost of water his very vocal and active otherwise but has been hospitalised at the avian vets for the last 5 days getting fluids and crop feed I’m unable to afford the biopsy for further diagnosis atm their focusing on getting him back to his normal weight and eating normal has anyone had similar experience with their bird and what the recovery process was like and if recovery is possible
thank you


Jan 12, 2016
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How is your boy doing? Your vet should be able to give you some guidance on foods and supplements. Maybe they can also prescribe a milkthistle supplement, lactulose, or some other liver aid. Diluted tart cherry juice can help with uric acid levels -- dilute it with water.

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