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Jul 27, 2010
Beckley, WV
Merlin a Red Crowned Amazon
My dog "Dawg" is 12+? years old, she has had many many health concerns, accidents. Its a wonder 6-7 times over that she is even alive. I've noticed the past couple of weeks, she has been quieter w/less activity. She had anemia 4 years ago, we think that it was caused by the chinese pet food poisoning. (my manx cat was ill & died @ the same time), we never confirmed. :(

We have Dawg on iron tablets, liver & marrow bones, she is also taking steriods in very low dosage. This is how we treated her before & had great results, even weaning her off the steriods later. We elected not to do any more blood work, we know the symptons & did not feel it necessary.

Merlin has always tormented Dawg (fly on here back, nip her toes), I never leave them alone ever. Since Dawg has been sick, this has esculated, its constant, I can't even let them be in the same room when Merlins out of his cage.

Is this how birds treat the ill in the wild? Does he know they she is ill & trying to run her away? Would a sick parrot in the wild be a liability to a flock? Or is he truly evil???:20:


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May 4, 2011
Orange Wing Amazon
I would say very jealous; not evil. Precious won't sleep on his playstand anymore because that means the dog is closer to me when I sleep. He insists on sleeping on the ceiling fan over the bed (So he can poop on the dog if he wants to). I gave up trying to move him as he will wait for me to fall asleep & then fly to the fan in the dark. (crash landing usually)

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