1. Rico_Tiel

    I need help badly with some dogs.

    I absolutely HATE the fact I even have to type this but, here we are. We have 4 Italian greyhounds (they are no bigger than a cat) and my mom abuses them. One of them she seems to target. The one she seems to target is fatter than the others and pretty short. He has alopecia (no hair) and has...
  2. T

    Introducing my budgie to our puppy

    So I have a year old budgie parakeet I have had him since August of 2019. I have been living at an apartment and going to college but moved back home for a few months due to the recent COVID-19 shutting down my university. The problem arose when my parents got a 11 week old Australian Shephard...
  3. H

    Eclectus - travelling, walks, loneliness and a dog :)

    Hi everyone, I consider buying an eclectus in the future. And I have a few things I am curious about. They may be stupid. But, well, whatever :)) Any answer appreciated :) 1) My time schedule differs each day - I am away from home for about 8 hours each working day. This is avarage time and I...
  4. F

    aggression? im not sure what this means!

    Im having trouble decoding my 1.5 year old male ekkies behavior towards me and my dogs lately! To me, sometimes when im sitting on the couch he will hop on my chest and flap his wings right in my face! It feels aggressive but im really not sure! In addition to this he will also... im not sure...
  5. JayBird

    Introducing the new baby to my puppy

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping to get some advice on how to go about introducing my baby conure to my dog. I don't want her to become scared or overwhelmed or anxious due to his presence in the house and would love for them to get along. Should I go about it slowly after she's settled into her cage...
  6. Roanoke

    Teeko's Flightsuit! -and Vacation Questions

    First let me brag, questions later; Yesterday I went all the way and put the Flightsuit on Teeko for the first time! We've been preparing for months. Pretty much every day I stroke him with it, set him on it, basically pretend to put it on him. He used to nip me but I took it slow and he's...
  7. veimar

    Can cats/dogs coexist with parrots?

    This is not a new topic, but there is only very general information online. :confused: I also read a horrible heartbreaking story about Verde on this forum... ;( But I still want to know from you guys on this forum who have dogs and cats. I have a green cheek and two male ratties (I wouldn't be...
  8. Kay

    Hello from Indiana!

    Hello everyone! My name is Kayla (or Kay) and after thinking it over I finally joined a forum based on birds. I'm Dog Bather (and aspiring Groomer) from Indiana. I love animals, always have since I was young, and have known since I can remember that I wanted to dedicate my life to them. I...
  9. H

    Leaving bird cage around dogs all day?

    Hi all! I'm new on this forum, if I'm breaking any rules (or if this is a redundant thread) just let me know, oops! Thanks. My husband and I had been talking about getting a bird for quite some time, and finally settled on the most gorgeous 2-year-old Sun Conure. We picked him/her up last week...
  10. xTRIGx

    meet the naked dogs!

    apart from the birds i also have dogs.. naked dogs! chinese cresteds, who are mostly hairless. this is Gambit (who is turning 4 years old on friday!) and Alice who is 2
  11. SunConureMom

    Hello from AR

    That's Arkansas, not Arizona LOL. I am the new mom of a sun conure. Her name is Cali, short for caliente which means hot in Spanish. We are waiting for DNA results but we're calling her a female for now. I just can't call her an "it". I'll try to attach pics. We also have a chihuahua and a...
  12. L

    B/G Macaw scared of dogs

    I adopted a B/G macaw from a friend of mine just over 2 monts ago. I had never had a bird before, but Lady was is bad place. She was living in an outside "aviry" in mid winter in England and the cage was way too small and dirty. She had plucked a lot of her feathers on her wings and the rest...
  13. merlinsmom13

    Are parrots evil?

    My dog "Dawg" is 12+? years old, she has had many many health concerns, accidents. Its a wonder 6-7 times over that she is even alive. I've noticed the past couple of weeks, she has been quieter w/less activity. She had anemia 4 years ago, we think that it was caused by the chinese pet food...
  14. D

    New to parrots!

    Hi all, I am new to owning a parrot. My partner has in the past but we just got an African Grey. He is two years old and a chatty little thing. We were told he would be shy but so far he's pretty outgoing with us. We are yet to introduce him to anyone else. I have 5 dogs too and 2 cats and have...