Beautiful young hand tamed African Gray for sale. A great talker!!!

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Jun 19, 2024
Beautiful young hand tamed African Gray for sale
I have a 4 1/2 yo Congo African Gray for sale. (She will be 5 yo on Decebmer 2nd.) These birds can live over 80 yo if you take good care of them! They are one of the best talkers in the parrot kingdom! Her name is Chicken Nugget, but, I just call her chicken for short. Her favorite song is Jingle Bells which she will sing with you and she also loves to do the funky chicken dance! She is aslo a bit of a clown and loves LOTS of attention! She loves to give kisses and at times, will follow you around like a dog! VERY unusual chicken! :D

Her vet is at PETCO in Port Orange at the Pavilion SHopping Center. She sees Dr. James and was just there about 3 months ago for her annual visit.


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She sounds amazing, my dad is retired and is looking for an African Grey bird. Can you please email me with your details?
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Hi Kristi:

Thanks for your interest in Chicken Nugget!

Just a brief overview: As mentioned in the ad, she will be 5 yo on December 2. She talks A LOT! She loves to dance, give kisses, and argue with you, LOL. She just had her last check-up about 3 months ago and is in excellent health!

I had her since she was a hatchling, about 10 weeks old and I had to hand feed her until she was about 4 months old, so, she is very accustomed to taking food by hand. I am asking 5K for her as I put in LOTS of time and effort into feeding, keeping her healthy, teaching her, etc. BEFORE she is re-homed I am going to need a vet reference and a valid photo ID showing your current address. This is NON negotiable as I want to make sure she gets a good home! She will also come with a new (portable) cage along with her toys and food.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Thanks again
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