1. T

    new member looking for tips.

    Hello everyone. I'm a new member on the site, looking for tips and advice from more experienced owners. I’m an owner of a B&G macaw that is 6 years old, he’s name is Hugo. He came home for about 2 and half weeks ago, in this time we have bonded well, I’ve spent at least 8 hours a day with him...
  2. Wingnut

    Chickens N' Such

    Hey Everyone! It has been a while since I last posted on here. I have had many life-changing things happen between buying a home, getting married, and moving to a new state all within 2 years... I have grown up surrounded by birds my entire life and know quite a bit about the health, anatomy...
  3. E

    Chicken vitamins

    Hi! I have a question. I buy parrot vitamins for my birds. I have several. My question is this, can parrots have vitamin supplements that have been marketed for poultry? They are less expensive and I can get them locally, rather than having to order them on line. I also raise chickens so I get...
  4. StormyPica

    The (informational) bird number game!!!

    So basically how you play this, is you answer a question each day (day 1= question 1 and so forth). You can do multiple birds of course! Hopefully in a little while there will be a nice collection of bird stuff! This is also a way you can make sure you and others are caring for their/your birds...
  5. G

    Possible color mutations of this IRN pair?

    Greetings everyone! First time posting here :) I have this pair of IRN that laid some eggs (hatched already). Here is the picture (male on the right) I'm curious to know what are the color mutations that may come out of this pair. Also, what are the pair called. I'll add some pictures of the...
  6. S

    I'm new!!

    Hey! Okay so I'm new here and I'm also a new mother to two baby ringnecks who are just a month old. (Yes, I have learnt how to properly handfeed them and I have been handfeeding them since they were 15 days old) I'm in India so it's pretty common to adopt baby birds. So since I come here for...
  7. A

    Adopting any types of parrots

    Hello if you are reading this. Note: I am a new member so I may not know the ins and outs of this forum, loving how nice everybody is on here. I’m a bird experienced owner who has more space for other parrots (it does not matter if they have special needs). I will care and give any bird a loving...
  8. T

    Newly added people

    Hi everyone, my name is Ty Marsh. I own Ty's Parrot Rescue in Steelton pa. :white1: :orange: :red1: :grey:
  9. P


    Hi, My IRN loves playing with this dangerous for him? I just wondered because its actually graphite and not led...
  10. N

    Two houses help?

    I have been really thinking about potentially getting a bird!:greenyellow: I've done my research and know about the commitment, the only problem is my housing situation. I currently am still in school and live with my parents, and they are divorced and have shared custody of me. I switch houses...
  11. A

    Please help umbrella cockatoo 'issues'

    Hi my name is Liam and I am a new member to this forum,my dilemma is I rescued a 3 and a half year old female umbrella cockatoo today and she is untame as she was isolated, I quickly noticed that she smis very defensive of her space (most likely due to stress of moving around to a strange...
  12. Midnightstarian

    A introduction

    Hi, i should have done this before but i must have forgotten. So i have a budgie who i have named Gears but his name has become more "Tink" short for "Tinkering" I don't know i just found it cute he likes discovering things. He is young the pet store said around 8-9 weeks old and he is...
  13. reeb

    I took some lovely photos at a bird sanctuary

    On Sunday I went to a bird sanctuary called the World of Birds in Hout Bay, South Africa. I took a bunch of photos of the gorgeous parrots they had there. I'm not a great photographer, but here are some of my favourites: IMG_0300 IMG_0343IMG_0482 IMG_0358 IMG_0271 IMG_0312IMG_0247 IMG_0377
  14. W

    Thank you users of, here's my gift to you!

    Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I posted a survey in which a lot of you had responded to. I sincerely thank you for participating and the results helped me very much with my project! If you would be interested in seeing the results, there are some absolutely wonderful answers which some...
  15. E

    Questions on my Macaw

    So, I received a military macaw around a month ago from a friend who couldnt care for it because she was always busy, so now I own a military macaw, many of my family members owned parrots and birds before but I dont live anywhere near them to ask them questions, so now i've resorted to asking...
  16. Parrots


  17. GracelynNBirds

    What parrot is right for me?

    For the longest time I have wanted a galah cockatoo, but for a longer time I have always wanted a horse. I realized if I wanted to get into the equestrian world/life I had to give up galah's plus I want to be more experienced with birds. What do you guys think would be the best bird for me? Here...
  18. GracelynNBirds

    Buying a galah from Australia?

    Hello, this is a CRAZY idea but, I was wondering if it is legal if I were to take plane tickets to Australia, buy a bird/galah there, and fly me, and the bird back to the USA. Does anyone know if that is somehow allowed? Thanks, Gracelyn. :)
  19. A


    Hi! I am looking into purchasing my first parrot in the next little bit and am in the process of doing research. I have owned cockatiels and have lived with a muloccan cockatoo. I always love to watch the parrots in the pet stores and I have finally decided to get one. I live in a town house and...
  20. A

    My 5 weeks old Alexandrine parrot swolloed plastic tube.

    My 5 weeks old Alexandrine parrot swollowed plastic tube. I have 2 alex baby parrots. I am hand feeding them. About an hour ago, when they were taking their food, one of them suddenly swollowed the tube that is attached to the syringe. The tube is about 2 cm long. I tried searching tube around...