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Sep 10, 2009
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years ago I use to read Bird talk magazine and really enjoyed it, I've been thinking about getting it again, here the thing the last time I read one it was full of ads, I'm not into spend $40.00 a year just for ads, does any one get this magazine or is there some thing better out there ?

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Dec 26, 2006
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Bird talk is great. They have moved the ads as a cluster into the back of the magazine. As much as we hate them, the magazine doesn't survive without the ads.

I find their articles great and informative even if they are written a little "lightly" to say the least.

I would say go to a store, pick out a few mags, thumb through them and get the subscription to the one you like best ...


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Feb 1, 2007
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I have been subscribing to Birdtalk for almost 2 years now and i found them pretty interesting to look through and often have some interesting articles. A few things i don't like though about them is that they often talk about the same things over and over again which i find is annoying. I mean they must have talked about PDD at least like 5 times it's ok to go back and touch on subjects again but i mean when the magazine is a limited size to begin with and then they go and ad articles which you've already read about 2 month prior it just gets slightly annoying. I actually haven't even open the package to my Bird Talk magazines in the past 4 - 5 months, i have just been so busy so hopefully it has changed since then. I was not aware that they put all the advertisements in the back. That's good to know since they were annoying. I think they need to make the magazine a bit longer though personally and add more information. Although i find pretty much all pet magazines this way so it's so surprise i guess. BirdTalk definitely is a nice source to keep in your shelf to flip through on a rainy day or to compliment any other bird related books you may have. Another one which i like is Birds USA which is put out by the same people as BirdTalk and its a little longer/thicker the only downside it comes out annually and it's pricey(like $10) but has about 2 - 3x more material in it than BirdTalk.

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