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Aug 16, 2021
Hello help with my GCC,
A week ago we adopted a GCC. In the store they told us he/she was returned twice. The first time the people had no time for her and the second time she was too loud. I didn't understand and felt so heartbroken for her or him. (We don't know the sex) I wanted to give this bird a forever home with my two parakeets and two cocatiels. So we adopted her.
Well I believe now that this bird wasn't returned twice because of lack of time or been too loud. I believe she got returned because she has a problem with hands. We tried to give her treats through the cage and as soon you get close she tries to get your fingers. It looks like she is complete focused on fingers and hands. The treat isn't interesting at all. So today I tried to introduce a perch to hop on and she does. But as soon she's is on it she tries to come close to you to get your fingers, and she did. She bit me long and hard. Its like she's on a mission. With one hand I did hold the perch and with the other I tried to give her a treat and tried to distract her. Nothing, all what she wanted is getting my fingers.
So now all of you experts out here what can I do to teach her my fingers aren't fun. I really want to do this the right way from the start. I assume that she will need way more time to trust me, than it would normally, because of her broken trust, but what can I do to help her?
Every advise is appreciated!


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Dec 28, 2014
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Hi! This can be fixed!! Give this a read!

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