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Nov 20, 2023
Hi everyone,
I am in desperate help of what to do with Milo- my 2 year old Indian ringneck. When I got him I was told her was hand raised but he was to skittish to be hand raised( if he was he did not get that much attention) I had another IRN at the time that just tormented him, after a year and a half trying everything for them to get along I decided to rehome the dominant one that was causing chaos. She is much happier now being on her own and Milo seems to have been coming out of his shell. Before you couldn’t even walk by the cage without him freaking out. Now after 6 months and spending a lot of one on one time with him he is so much better. He come out of his cage and plays on the play ground and love to chat back and forth. Just last week he started flying onto my shoulder, he wouldn’t stay too long but I figured he was just building up his confidence. Well he has become a pro at it now but…. Now he has started biting me- he bit my neck and my arm on two separate times. I am not doing anything to startle him and keep my hands away from him as not to scare him. It is so bizarre! He sat on my shoulder chatting away ( loves the word pee a boo) then he went in for the kill on my neck. I am not sure where to go from here- how do I get him to stop biting? He is still very skittish but he seems to trust me for the most part. I can not pet him or get him to step up yet but I am concerned with this biting- is it because he is scared or aggression, or maybe just confused that I am a chew toy.

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