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Jan 8, 2015
New Mexico
--PUMPKIN - male YS GCC. Hatched Halloween Day 2014. Came home Jan. 4, 2015. Started talking in July '15!

-BUTTERNUT- female TYS GCC Hatched in late Jan. 2016 and came home March 14, 2016
I had to give my new lutino cocktail to my mom. My dog has never bothered Pumpkin, I want to say that to start with. However, every time my dog heard Popcorn make a noise he would go into high alert and look at her as if he wanted to shred the new squeeky toy. My dog is actually very well behaved, but dogs do have instincts to hunt and apparently the high pitched cocktail voice brings out that instinct in him. Pumpkins voice does not trigger this response.

I want everyone to know that I never let my dogs and birds interact, but I still was afraid for Popcorn's safety in my home. Also, my mom has two cocktails already and does her best to give them a happy, healthy and enriched home. She loved Popcorn from the first time she saw her and I trust that Popcorn is in good hands.

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