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Breeding conure mutation outcome


New member
Feb 3, 2017
Simpsonville SC
Scarlet Macaw (Boomer)
Hi! I have 3 male conures. One is a regular ggc, one is a yellowsided conure(seems to me to have a bit more red than other ys I have seen), and a yellowsided turquoise. I'm looking at getting a cinnamon dominate high red conure female. Wondering what would be the outcome of possibly paring her up with any of the males I have

Ex.. the yellowsided x the female(what's that outcome)

Regular ggc x female(outcome?)

Turquoise x female(outcome?)
Unfortunately I don't know one important thing to answer correctly - if the female is single or double factor dominate high red.
yellow sided male x the female:
if double factor - high red males and females would be both yellow sided and dominant high red... I dunno how it should be called - high red has more red, so maybe all children as high red
if single factor - like above but with chances for regular males GCC and yellow sided females

regular x female:
if double factor - all high red
if single factor - some high red and some regular

turquoise YS x female:
Like with the yellow sided unless the female is a split to turquoise (then 50% chances to get a combination with turquoise)

I could write something wrong because dominant high red is so rare and I'm not sure how it is inherited next to yellow sided. I don't even know if there are any visual differences between single and double factor

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