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Dec 1, 2023
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i've decided to deep dive into conure breeding after producing some normals & pineapples, and i had some questions regarding the colours certain pairings can throw

at the moment i have a dilute ys male x cinnamon turquoise sf violet female pairing. from my understanding, this pair can only throw cinnamon males split for turquoise, and ys females, with none of these babies presenting the blue colour (unless i got ridiculously lucky and the male is split for turquoise lol). if the pairing was changed to a pineapple turquoise male x cinnamon turquoise sf violet female, all babies should present turquoise, with them all being a mixture of pineapple, ys, or cinnamon right? i wasn't too sure because i saw some listings of a normal pineapple (no split) male x turquoise female throwing blue coloured young

which goes onto my next issue, it seems very hard to find any turquoise males available for sale compared to ringnecks that are available in abundance, unless i want to pay an unreasonable amount for an underaged and possibly stressed bird (there are some listings in my area for 1yo 'breeders' and they sell for almost a grand). i'm not really sure where to look other than gumtree, petlist, and the PSOA forum but no luck so far :') i might just have to wait it out, but if anyone has suggestions or knows a breeder with blue males available please let me know!

i got incredibly lucky and found someone who could source the parrots i wanted so i guess the second part of my question no longer needs an answer ;D
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