Cage bedding.. which do you use? why?


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Aug 11, 2013
Cocoa, FL
Blue & Gold Macaw ~ Boo &
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SOOO, when my parrots were babies I used the pine shavings (dust free)... now cobb... you know for the bottom of the cages to help clean up... Boo likes to slide the bottom out and go underneath and nit pick and what he threw out his food bowl... I'm concerned that maybe he will eat some cobb... is that bad? I would assume so.. not that he is acting any different or anything... but he is a funny one... he will lay upside down and play under there... hum.... so what bedding do you prefer to use and why? :09:
Boo is quite the character, hey? :D I've got a pretty slick B&G as well...but that would be WAY too off topic.

I use newspaper. I've got great neighbors, who give me their newspapers on a regular basis. I replace it every day with fresh sheets. :)
from what I understand corn cob harbours bacteria, but again if you change it on a regular basis it shouldn't be a problem.
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Yeah I don't change it to often, ive been slacking since my surgery... So what do you recommend?
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I wouldn't want to use newspaper bc the ink and bc he plays down there.. LOL he is funny! (maybe i'll hear the story soon *wink*)
Corn cob can actually grow fungi which could lead to a aspergillus in parrots... I wouldn't trust it, personally!

Black and white newspaper *should* be fine. Most ink is now made out of soy, I think it was, so even if it gets wet, he should be fine! (I use newspaper in all of my cages)

Instead of newspaper, one could contact the printing companies and ask for end rolls (either really cheap or free!), use butcher paper, craft paper, etc.

I've seen people using hay, sand and the recycled paper for small animals as well. I've been tempted to use sand but always worry about it getting wet!
Before, I was getting soooo tired of changing the papers in the cages(remember I have 20 of them) I started using timothy hay.
I loved the smell, it didn't seemed to look as soiled as paper, changed it weekly or before that if it looked disgusting, but the mess!! oh wow!....needless to say I had to go back to newspaper.
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Oh no! Guess im cleaning cages tomorrow! Anf bathing birds! Oh that should be interesting. .. they both hate baths!
I wouldn't want to use newspaper bc the ink and bc he plays down there.. LOL he is funny! (maybe i'll hear the story soon *wink*)

Well, all who might be worried about newspaper ink can rest easy.....for over 10 years now, at least in North America (including Canada) newspapers have been using vegetable inks, that are edible.....
Both the pine shavings and corncob bedding are potentially dangerous to birds, for many reasons, and shouldn't be used. Newspaper is a good choice. Soy ink actually prevents bacterial growth. Plain white paper towels can also be used to line the cage bottom (and they're fun to shred too :D ).
Corn cob bedding poses another problem also, if birds try to eat it.....because chopped up corn cobs are so dry, the cob debris soaks up moisture and if a bird does not consume enough liquid, the dried cob material may become impacted, in its crop, gizzard or further along its digestive system.....keep corn cob bedding away from you companion birds.....
Newspaper is what we use and the neighbourhood papers are free here. Don't use newspaper that is more than 2 weeks old there are reports of it leading to asper. Fresh stuff is fine.
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Okay so paper towels and newspaper! Thanks so much everyone!
I use newspaper. my grandparent give it to me all the time so I get it free and never run out.
I go through a ton of newspaper all the time....Good thing my co-worker, friends, customers, and my neighbor give me their papers. It's what I've been using for the past 16 years. :)
Weco and the other posters are correct. Bedding is not healthy for parrots, paper is the best solution (I use newspaper in the birdroom but I use cage liners for the cage(s) I keep in the human areas)
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Getting white vinegar tomorrow and a HUGE peroxide to clean cages tomorrow... I know I said I'd do it today BUT I had a crazy day! My 3 yr old put gel deodorant in his eye on accident and I felt like crap all day today and today was my oldest first day back at school and my daughter is sick... agh the list goes on and on! I HAVE TO clean it tomorrow! PUSH ME PEOPLE! LOL no slacking I have too! It's so dirty! I don't want them to get sick!
Get your behind moving sister! Get to work! I would out scrubbing cages all afternoon today, but I still have the ekkies cage I have to dis-assemble to take outside for a good scrub. Then I bought a new squeegie thing like what you use to clean windows with sponge on one side and squeegie thing on the other side, fixing to try it on my aviary glass window and see if that helps to ease the
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Lol im sooooooooo tired! Nauseated and my head feels like its going to explode! Mike! Come clean my 2 cages! LoL
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So I cleaned Rivor's cage.... she is happy! Did half of Boo's cage.... but got winded... so hubby is going to help me do his cage this weekend! :)

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