Cage setup for toe-less bird


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Jun 15, 2021
Hello everyone, I'm planning on adopting a disabled Meyers in the next coming month or so, and I want some advice on her cage.

The rescue already has a fantastic setup for her, should i try and keep my cage as similar to theirs as possible, since shes used to that? Or is it okay if I change elements around without being too drastic.

Also, does anyone know of good sites where I can find soft perches and platforms for her?

Thanks in advance!!


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Aug 29, 2018
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Welcome to the Forums to you and your soon-to-be adopted Meyers! Respect for taking in somewhat of a "special needs" parrot!

If it was me, I would probably try to keep a few aspects of her new surroundings similar to those at the rescue, if that is feasible for you to do so. You can get wider or platform type perches from websites such as mysafebirdstore or hootnhollerbirdtoys, amongst others, if that's the sort of things that are required for your bird's foot condition.

When the happy day of adoption arrives, you might like to post some pictures, we love new baby photos around here!

Hopefully some other members will weigh in with some more info for you soon. Again, welcome aboard and I hope the adoption goes smoothly for all involved :)


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Jul 10, 2015
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Thank you for Rescuing a Special Needs Parrot!!

Study what the Rescue is providing your Parrot, as it will provide you a general understanding of what is currently working. Making changes is acceptable as long as those changes are based on the needs of the Parrot. The changes and provided things are all about Making Life Easy and more comfortable for your Parrot.

Vet or Sport Wrap is a great product for adding comfort and easy for your Parrot to move about the cage and areas in your home. Change your vantage point when searching for product for your special needs Parrot. Some items will be found as part of supply for larger Parrot and others with smaller Parrots.

Web-search: Handicapped Birds or Handicapped Parrots. You will find tons of information for specific needs that will be helpful for your Parrot. 90% of this process is your opening your mind to the needs of your Parrot.


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Jun 16, 2021
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I have been volunteering at a bird rescue and, saw many disabled birds, despite not being able to see, walk, or being very sick. I mostly saw that they used fleece pillows which is placed on the platform, so the bird is comfortable. You can also add railings around it to prevent her to fall. I like to get the crates from the dollar stores or Amazon, and get the material from any craft stores. But, never ever get the happy hut, they have thread that can get stuck in the birds crop (stomach) and it can build up causing pain and trouble eating. It has also many complaints about birds getting tangled and strangled. Please be careful and hope your bird has a very happy life! - Hunter (Aka TheBabyBudgies)

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