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Jan 9, 2024
Two quakers and a green cheek conure
I have a young Conure and two Quakers, all of whom get along fine but I'm getting another Conure in a couple of months, as I've always had four or five birds. I've added a link to the cage the Conure is currently in, which is a good size. The thing is, I'm hoping the new Conure will be okay with the one I have, and can live together once settled. I'm certain the cage in the link is fine for two birds of this size, but it would be nice to get something bigger. The only issue is, the bigger the cage, the bigger the bar spacing. Does anyone have any links to cages bigger than the one in the link with a bar space safe for conures? It's a GCC I currently have and will be getting either yellow-sided or pineapple. As I work from home, my birds are out all day long, so the only time they go in their cage is to eat, drink, and sleep.



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Oct 19, 2014
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This is the cage I use, which is similar in style to your current cage but basically just doubled:

I don't know exactly how size compares because your link is measured in cm and I'm on my phone and don't want to google conversion lol but I've used this A&E double flight cage for a long time, it's nice because there is a divider so it can be two separate cages, but I can slide the divider out to make it a larger cage. Of course, the gap where the divider slides in is a bit wider than the bar spacing throughout the rest of the cage and possibly unsafe for finches/budgies but still safe for a conure. If you want me to I can grab a ruler and measure it.

The flight cage I linked has gone up substantially in price since I bought it ($300 at the time... can you believe it?) but you should be able to find similar designs by searching for double flight cages.

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