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Dec 2, 2021
Females, Lutino Indian Ringneck Missy and Silver Lavender IRN Gracie.
Hi all, I have a major problem that I simply didn't think of when getting my, now two, female IRN's.

Bird mess. Have any of you got tips and tricks to keep the cleaning of the birds easier and to a minimum?

I have had birds as pets for a lot of my life, but they had always been caged or only allowed out if I were there, and considering I was working full time and a parent of two, at the time, young boys, it definitely wasn't long. I can't recall this being an issue with previous birds.

My two girls are out all day, from when I get up till when they go to bed. They are both clipped so they don't fly much and they are pretty much confined to the complex that I have built for them, which is big. See photo.

I have a very large food tray that I keep all their food and water on for the day and this is taken down at night and cleaned. So it isn't food mess that is the problem... it's what comes out the other end.

How do you keep on top of all their pooping? I have a bad spine and it's just getting too much for me to handle and it's affecting my mental health too. I feel like I am living in filth and I don't know how to make it easier for me to keep clean. They poop like every 10 minutes and add this up over a day and it's a lot. Sure I could watch them and clean up after every poop but I have things to do that are more important than becoming the poop monitor. I love them but my mental state isn't coping with this well.

Please don't judge me for not thinking of this before getting them. My spinal condition is relatively new to me and having, basically free range birds, is also new to me. I only have the one cage for the both of them so caging them more, even tho it might help, I don't think it will help them to be basically locked in and not able to be with me, on me, at will. I am sure their mental state would suffer from doing that.... no matter how many toys I were to give them to play with. I am also on disability so buying another cage will be costly for me, and being in a small home, would mean I would have to shrink their play gym to accommodate the new cage.

I know that there is going to come a time in the not too distant future that I will have to release my girls to a new home as I simply won't have the space for them anymore. Being disabled means I cannot afford to rent and I am on priority listing for housing which, if successful, will mean I will have to downsize to one room. It's not something that I am looking forward too as I do love my girls but I do have to think of their health too.

I am lost and I am struggling. Any help with kind intentions will be greatly appreciated.


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