Cold snap!


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Apr 25, 2020
I am pretty sure both my birds are cold. Willow has got to be on me, next to my face, or under my right hand. Or he comes and grabs my finger with his beak.

Anyhow I had turned up the heat but it just isn’t cutting it at least for my toes or for Willow. I am going to get the block heater and thermal perch for willow and Jasper, respectively.

Clingy! My goodness! I can’t share cocoa with them but maybe I can share tea.

And it’s dangerously cold outside; has certainly been worse but is to the point where the forecaster’s tell how many minutes you can be out without frostbite.


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Jul 10, 2015
Western, Michigan
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Deadly Temperature are a Serious Concern!
If your central furnace is not keeping-up start thinking in Survival Mode. Shift the Parrots to an inside room or one that is on the opposite side of the house that the wind is blowing from!! This room will be your Survival Room (possibly a bedroom)!! Now reduce the opening on the heat vents in the other rooms (do not fully close them) and assure that the Survival Bedroom vent is fully open. You should feel more warmer air from that bedroom vent!!
Place support Heating Units in your Survival Bedroom.

Be mindful that rooms with water sources will need a bit more heat, think bathrooms and kitchens.
Note, will need to have the Survival Bedroom door open a bit to allow the air from your furnace to push and flow-out that small opening. Also remember to open all cupboard doors that have water pipes inside like under the Kitchen and bathroom sinks!!

Think 36"+ off the floor as warm air rises, while cooler air sinks. i.e. The Floor will be Colder. The floor can be vastly 'Colder' to a point of be dangerous for your Parrots.

I recall you talking about placing tape on the windows! You will want to use Painter's tape or masking tape that is new or not older than two or three years as it tends to loose it stickiness!!
If money is less a problem and you can get out safely, go to a neighborhood hardware or big box storm and purchase Plastic Window Covering. ASSURE you measure the full width and height of your windows, Including the outer most wood molding!! You want the tape to be on the outside edge of the wood molding. YES, the view sucks, but you will be much warmer!!
You likely know most of this, but it is also aimed at other Members and Viewers.

In Western Michigan we will be warming-up for this coming week-end and they are predicting several days of rain! That's another problem!! As depending on the amount of snow you have, it may melt rapidly!! Think possible flooding and the roof becoming overly stressed.

Be Safe!!
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Apr 25, 2020
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Nope, I’m in an apartment and it’s not DANGEROUS cold I am just noticing that Willow is being even more clingy than usual. Of course, just now he refused to step up and come out until I was cooking dinner so I take it he’s fine.

This is an urban area (as far as this state goes) and I think we are pretty safe. If power went out I would load up birds in carriers and find a shelter, or bring bird carriers into bed with me.

I think when it’s so cold out the areas near windows will just be colder than the rest of the apartment or room..

We are ok but will keep those things in mind. Thank you!
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