Conure seems to be more scared of me after coming back home after a week.


Mar 27, 2023
green cheeked conure
Hi everyone, I made a few posts about my conure Kiwi, its been difficult making him trust me and not be scared of my hands etc. But recently weve been making progress. But I had to leave for a week to a different city. My mom took care of kiwi but when i came back home I noticed hes been more scared or how to call it. He doesnt seem as comfortable. He would eat straight out of my fingers thru the bars etc. But now I give him a treat and he goes away with the treat. Does he hate me? Or Im seriously desperate now. How do I know my bird likes me? Or hates me?
He also sometimes crouches when i move, is that because hes scared? This is breaking my heart and an idea of maybe giving him away to someone else where he might be happier came across my mind even though I love him.
I m not the best parrot owner I make mistakes and I try to fix them but im just sad because of this whole thing.
He still takes food from my hands but i can see theres something different about him.
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Sep 17, 2021
Minnesota, USA
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This happens with both my Jenday & Sun Conure if I miss a day taking them out, and interacting with them. My Sun is snippy/nippy if I didn’t interact with him daily, and my Jenday is more hesitant/timid.

What I do when I get back to interacting with them is I just let them out, and the hold them for a few minutes. After this I do training with them for treats. Clicker training, and going back to the basics is where I start. Usually things go back to normal after a few sessions.


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Jul 22, 2023
Conure Green Cheek
He doesn't hate you. Conures are very smart and protective! And that's coming from, Someone who baby's their conure and he gets everything he wants! And guess what? I still get bit time to time.. he will only give me attention when HE wants it. 😌 not on my terms lol. 😒 unfortunately sometimes I wanna grab his fluffy face and kiss him and I can't..

just give your conure time. Keep giving him treats and stay by, give him space eventually he will want that attention and love! Promise!

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