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Mar 27, 2023
green cheeked conure
Hi everyone, I havent been on this forum for a while because me n my bird have been doing some good bonding.

Kiwi hasnt still quite bonded to me or started liking my hands. Ive had him for about 6-7 months and durring the summer holidays around June or so weve been doing some goood bonding.

But when school started a month ago I didnt have enough time for Kiwi which is my fault and im trying to fix it and properly arrange my hobbies and school so I can still be with him.

But this past month Kiwi has been more distant or how to call it. Of course its because i didnt have time but i want to know how do i fix it.

He doesnt know how to step up and stuff, we havent tried training even, because i thought it would be best when hes totally comfortable and trusts my hands and stuff.

But that never came, we were close but were on level 0 now.

How do I fix this? How do I bond with him effectively or how to say it? When and how do I start training? Or have I f***ed up and I wont be able to fix this anymore.

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Jul 29, 2023
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I haven't got any experience with conures only with budgies and cockatiels but you can try this.

If it doesn't like your hands then try feeding it from your hands more often so that it recognises the hand that feeds it, this helps a lot.

I don't think you have to train your Parrot to have a good bond with it, I only use a few phrases with my birds, step up is one of them and i recommend teaching that at least but It's more about spending the time with it and reading their body language.

You said it yourself you had a great bond with it when you had the time. So arrange your schedule, like you said, so that you can give it at least an hour of time or 2 a day. I give mine the attention when I get home from work. You can let it hang out while your watching TV, doing homework, playing games, using the internet so no excusses you can squeeze in some bird time somewhere.

What state are it's wings in? I would recommend to clip its wings but only partially so that it doesn't crash land. This will make it more dependant on you. It's a contentious topic and some would disagree but that's what I do. Partially trim its wings to help it bond them let them grow back.

Lastly relax, you haven't f***ed up my friend. Try those things, give it time and see how it goes. I hope it goes well
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Oct 20, 2023
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Conures can be tricky and needy most of the time. So keep trying to train and spend a little more time with kiwi ❤ hope this helped a little bit.

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