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Mar 6, 2012
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So Saturday, my boyfriend and I drove an hour to Wilmington to go to a small parrot class/seminar (Phoenix Landing) about 'Things I Wish I'd Known'. I brought him in hopes that he would be more comfortable with the idea of owning a parrot with me.

The seminar was nice, though I will admit that I knew most of this from reading books and the forums (It was enlightening for the new/average bird owner). It talked about food, food safety, bird safety, the importance of forging, cages, health, etc.

As my boyfriend and I were leaving, I was upset to find him deep in thought about the whole deal. He confessed that he knows I really want a parrot, but he doesn't. He's happy just having a dog.

*sigh* I know he's focusing in on all the hard work that can come with a parrot, but I find that it's not that much more than a dog! You clean up after them, feed them, and love them...(oversimplifying, yes, but even still. haha)

As parrot owners, what are the positives (and yes, maybe some of the negatives) to owning a parrot? The obvious and not so obvious. I need to convince the unconvinced! ;) I'm sure he'll come around, but I just want to help move him along faster...hehe :54:
My husband wasn't so keen on living with a parrot either, he also is a dog lover. He is now in love with my Galah. One thing that helped him was that Suki loved spending time with him, she was a companion for him when i wasn't around, and one with more intelligence than the dogs. I don't really know what else to say besides the positives of parrot owning outweigh the work and the negatives.
I would say the positives are , they are great Company, they are funny, they treat you as their Parent lol You have a friend for Life and you just adapt to making them part of your Family...

The only downsides that I could possibly think of are, They are messy, but you get used to constantly getting the Dustpan and Brush out... they can be noisy!! so you need to be able to tolerate noise, and obviously if you go away, you either have to take them with you or make sure someone can come in to look after them.

I have never regretted getting Codie... she is my Baby :) Once you have a Parrot, you just automatically adjust your routine accordingly.
Personally, I think a dog takes more work than a bird. Birds don't suddenly have to go out and poop when it's pouring rain.
Also, if you keep up with the cleaning (a few minutes a day), they're not that messy.
The downside is, they're addictive. You will want more than one.
my man was dead against me having the nut, till she flew on his shoulder an settled there :)

though he still wishes he'd been firmer, he secretely loves her to bits, even his daughter says his more loving towards the bird then to her!!!
For me it was having a constant companion that was so intelligent. I was always a dog person & taking in Mr. Precious was terrifying. He is funny, a flirt, & always there for me. He even helps discipline the kids by yelling "Knock it off" when they're fighting too loud.
Three dogs, two cats and two birds later it takes time, patience, beer and cleavage and eventually they see it your way;) LOL Anyway my husband was not into birds but he met some birds he enjoyed watching them and thought they were cute but he really didn't want anything to do with the birds and made that clear. I think the poop was the part he couldn't get over and he still hates it. The birds totally charmed him. I didn't think he expected them to just waddle at full speed and jump on him and beg for kisses:) When he enters the room he gets that greeting, who wouldn't love that? Now they are starting to talk and whistle and he answers them back, I can tell he really enjoys them although he doesn't do any of the feeding or cleaning but I'm fine with that.
Personally I think to many people purchase parrots with out doing their research. Rescues are full. Sure rescues are full of dogs too. I have three dogs and 4 large parrots. The parrots need a lot more individual special care. So many things can be toxic in the home as well as special diets. You will need to change many of your house hold routines. No non-stick cook ware, candles, cleaning supplies, etc.
Parrots are only 1-2 generations removed from the wild. They can develop behavioral problems that can effect the entire household. Screaming being the biggest.
I really think it is best if all members are on board before owning a parrot. I have seen them rehomed due to conflict caused in the home. JMHO.
I think that for me a big perk is the potential for a lifelong pet and companion, I have a horse who is 29 and I have had her since I was 10 years old, the thought of losing her is heartbreaking and was a factor in choosing parrots. That being said it is a downside too because life changes and one must consider them as they will in theory be with you for a lifetime. Another benefit is that they are very comical and give many different kinds of love and attention, they talk, cuddle, and play. I still have many other animals, but I am grateful that I will have Sparky through it all.

The downsides are noise, mess, destruction, space, money, ect ect, but in my opinion it is all worth it.

A great option to help convince is to see if you can foster for a local rescue to show him what bird life is really like. It benefits the rescue and gives insight to you both. You never know you may fall in love. If you do not have a local rescue consider bird sitting. I saw that you were at a phoenix landing seminar, I foster for them frequently here in VA and they are great to foster for, a plus is they are also wonderful support when you have questions and need help.
Fantastic idea to take hubby along to these classes. I have been to this class. If one is not sure sure they want a bird in their life after one of these classes than the class was successful. If people learn more skills or just hear what is needed to keep a bird then the class was a success. Any pet takes time, money and energy. Don't think it matters.
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that is a good idea to take him to a class! i just recently convinced my parents to let me get a quaker. i know parents and a boyfriend are pretty different though, lol. What i did first of all, what what ever reasons he has to NOT getting one, prove those wrong with GOOD points that sort of over through the bad ones. THEN, once you goten rid of all of the bad points, show him the rest of the good ones. i did that to my mom and dad, with a snake, 2 different lizards, my two cats, and one dog(my dad was the one who bought the other...). and it worked like a charm with all of those cases. and i just did it again with a quaker. try that method! hopefully that works and you can enjoy a new birdy friend!

Hilarious entertainment pretty much all day.
Fun at parties.
They're really smart and can figure out things pretty fast.

They poop every 20 minutes or so.
They're destructive and have to chew. A lot.
The bird is the cheapest part of the equation.
Vets are expensive because you need an avian or bird knowledgeable vet and they don't come cheap.
They're really smart and can figure out things pretty fast.
Having a parrot is exactly like having a toddler with an anger management problem and a can opener on its face. Exactly like that.

I will say my husband was iffy about a parrot at first, then he met a lesser sulfur cockatoo at the rescue who just adored him (she wasn't up for adoption, she was a volunteer's bird) and he relented. Unfortunately for him Kazi hates him with the passion of a thousand dying suns. But Kazi just as easily could have decided my husband hung the moon and stars and that I was a big walking wad of evil instead.

I feel about animals like I feel about kids - if both parties aren't on board then it's probably not a good idea. As much as I'd like another parrot some day my husband is 100% against the idea at this point. He's lovely to tolerate Kazi's hate and repeated attempts to attack and despite all that he continues to try to make friends and doesn't hold it against Kazi. But I bet if he'd known it would be like this before hand he would never have said go ahead. :D
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Oh my, thank you for the responses everyone. :) I'm glad I took him to the classes too, I wanted him to see I'm not taking this lightly. I DO want a parrot, and I DO want him to understand them. I don't want to use the whole, "If you love me you'll let me get this parrot!" shtick. I want him happy to have another addition into our home.

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