1. snubun

    Adopted a linnie! I have some questions and would also love tips!

    Hi guys! I recently adopted a linnie who I've named Limbo for how low she gets when napping or asking for scritches haha. She's been with us 5 days now! My bf and I drove out of state to adopt her from a kind Petsmart employee who took her in after someone abandoned her at the store. The man...
  2. T

    first time laying eggs? help?

    Hello! I have a cockatiel named Tea that is showing signs of laying eggs. She turns 7 in about a month and she’s showing some behaviors that i’m worried about. First thing that concerns me is her poop, they’re a normal/slightly brighter green color but the actual poop is very small but...
  3. ericalvincent

    I need some advice on African Greys

    Hello all! I am looking at getting a Congo African Grey and am wanting some tips and information on them, even experiences from owners who have them, literally anything anyone can give me. I’m not ready for one quite yet, probably not even within the next few years as I do have a cat and am...
  4. marsvv

    How to improve my conures diet?

    Hi so I have a well I believe 1 year old conure, (we don’t know the exact age) and her diet is mostly just a mix of seeds and a bit of pellets. And I want to make sure I could give her a better diet. Using vegetables fruits etc. I really need help and any recommendations are fine!
  5. E


    I’ve made a few posts on here about my sun conure as he is my first “larger” bird and want to get advice from the more experienced. Lately Ive noticed his chest is larger and today noticed a bald spot. Is he plucking? Is there something underlying? He goes to the vet monthly for his scissor beak...
  6. L

    Meet Miss Mango and I ! + Nutrition advice?

    Hello everyone! I decided to join parrot forums because I've been lurking and reading posts but wanted to make a post of my own. I grew up with birds and have always had a soft spot for feathered friends, so when I saw Miss Mango I knew she just had to be mine. She was born in August and I got...
  7. E

    Can I burn it?

    Before we start - I am fully aware how harmful scents, chemicals, etc can be for birds. However- how harmful? I have this candle that I was gifted way before I got my conures and haven’t burned it since. I sad that its just getting wasted … can I burn it in a separate room from my conures? Or is...
  8. L

    Coming back for more advice

    Thanks in advanced to anyone who may read this and offer help. A while ago I made a post about a troublesome conure and recieved a lot of good advice ( Since then there has been some progress but also another hurdle. We...
  9. E


    I just recently posted a thing my birds stinky “breath” to which a few people showed concern so I made a vet appointment- he went this morning and she cleared his crop of old food and set him on an antibacterial med well since then it seems like he’s completely changed - he’s quieter; very...
  10. E


    Im not sure I’m correct in saying this but my sun conures breath stinks. Im usually chill with him just “grooming” my nose and mouth area but now everytime he gets close I just cant stand the smell. Now it could just be him because he refuses all bathing options besides his food bowl …. while...
  11. E

    Not sleeping

    My pineapple green cheek isn’t sleeping the full 12 hours. I’m not doing anything to wake her up but she always wakes up before 12 hours or even 10 hours. What can I do to help her get her sleep
  12. Libbi24

    Hercules is constantly screaming

    Hello, Hercules has gotten into the habit of constantly screaming. He used to scream in the morning when I gave him his breakfast and at night when he was ready for bed. But now it has started to become constant. I’m a bit stuck on what to do, I’ve tried treats, he’s fed a healthy diet, he...
  13. RingneckRave

    Escaped Alexandrine

    Just to clarify: no, this is not my pet alex. But for a while now I've seen on rare occasion an alexandrine, first sighting was about year ago. Just saw him again this morning before he flew off, and it's not a native bird. I've attached an image of the bird from when my sister spotted it on the...
  14. M

    When to train 9 week old conure.

    Just recently (2 weeks ago) I got a 8 week year old gc conure, she was still formula fed for about a week but fully weaned (this was just due to how little she was). She is lovely, very affectionate when she wants to be, but also has her little toddler freak outs when she’s tired and can’t find...
  15. Genieb03

    Cage Aggression Advice?

    I have two conures, a black capped named George (5M) and a green cheeked named Nova (2F). Genders are presumed. The Problem: -Nova is very aggressive. They live in a 7’ tall x 4’ wide x 2’ deep homemade cage. All materials are bird safe and have had zero issues with safety (aside from a light...
  16. E

    Beak Health

    I noticed today that my conures bottom beak is ridged and layered. Is that normal? He does have a scissored beak and hes getting that trimmed Friday but didn’t know if I should be concerned about the new texture
  17. E


    My male conure has gotten comfortable with me … toooo comfortable. He’s beginning to try and be naughty with my hand. Whats the best way to stop this as I know if can lead to health concerns. I get him off and seconds later hes back. Would getting another conure of the same sex help get the...
  18. E

    New addition

    The place I got my sun conure has a pineapple green cheek that I think will make a wonderful addition to our family. Whats the best way to introduce the two after a quarantine. Sun is a male and pineapple a female. How can I house them? Two cages obviously to start but can they merge into one?
  19. E

    Cleaning product?

    Whats the best method yall have found to cleaning conure potty messes? Ive been using grapefruit seed extract cut with water but it feels like I need something harsh for the harder messes
  20. E


    I recently bought a shower perch for my conure. Should he be in there while Im cleaning myself too or is it something thats its just him and im near by? If i can be in there can I use scented soap?