1. Libbi24

    Hercules is constantly screaming

    Hello, Hercules has gotten into the habit of constantly screaming. He used to scream in the morning when I gave him his breakfast and at night when he was ready for bed. But now it has started to become constant. I’m a bit stuck on what to do, I’ve tried treats, he’s fed a healthy diet, he...
  2. RingneckRave

    Escaped Alexandrine

    Just to clarify: no, this is not my pet alex. But for a while now I've seen on rare occasion an alexandrine, first sighting was about year ago. Just saw him again this morning before he flew off, and it's not a native bird. I've attached an image of the bird from when my sister spotted it on the...
  3. M

    When to train 9 week old conure.

    Just recently (2 weeks ago) I got a 8 week year old gc conure, she was still formula fed for about a week but fully weaned (this was just due to how little she was). She is lovely, very affectionate when she wants to be, but also has her little toddler freak outs when she’s tired and can’t find...
  4. Genieb03

    Cage Aggression Advice?

    I have two conures, a black capped named George (5M) and a green cheeked named Nova (2F). Genders are presumed. The Problem: -Nova is very aggressive. They live in a 7’ tall x 4’ wide x 2’ deep homemade cage. All materials are bird safe and have had zero issues with safety (aside from a light...
  5. E

    Beak Health

    I noticed today that my conures bottom beak is ridged and layered. Is that normal? He does have a scissored beak and hes getting that trimmed Friday but didn’t know if I should be concerned about the new texture
  6. E


    My male conure has gotten comfortable with me … toooo comfortable. He’s beginning to try and be naughty with my hand. Whats the best way to stop this as I know if can lead to health concerns. I get him off and seconds later hes back. Would getting another conure of the same sex help get the...
  7. E

    New addition

    The place I got my sun conure has a pineapple green cheek that I think will make a wonderful addition to our family. Whats the best way to introduce the two after a quarantine. Sun is a male and pineapple a female. How can I house them? Two cages obviously to start but can they merge into one?
  8. E

    Cleaning product?

    Whats the best method yall have found to cleaning conure potty messes? Ive been using grapefruit seed extract cut with water but it feels like I need something harsh for the harder messes
  9. E


    I recently bought a shower perch for my conure. Should he be in there while Im cleaning myself too or is it something thats its just him and im near by? If i can be in there can I use scented soap?
  10. MorganKay

    New to 'toos

    Hello! I've been scrolling through this forum for a few days now reading anything I can find relevant to galah cockatoos, but decided joining the discussion myself will likely be more productive in the long run, so here I am XD I've been in love with galah cockatoos for years now, they're one...
  11. E

    Is this ok?

    my male conure enjoys sitting on me and recently has gotten very comfortable…. too comfortable. Hes falling asleep! Though its cute I want to make sure im not re-enforcing bad/frowned upon behavior by letting him continue.
  12. F

    A place to hide?

    So I’ve read that lovebirds natural habitats are usually in the sub-Saharan deserts of Africa, and that they like to live tucked away in tree holes and whatnot. This begs the question: should I get my two birdies a place to hide? Like a little box for them to crawl into? One of my birds is not...
  13. Sleepyquaker

    Need advice before vet visit

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum as I am new here :( I have booked an appointment for my baby and the earliest I've been given is tomorrow afternoon, I will try to call again early tomorrow morning to see if there's any cancellations. For context, my quaker has been injured as he got...
  14. D

    A way to tone down aggression in a parrotlet

    I have one two year old pacific parrotlet. She is the only pet I have and I live alone with her, though I often have visitors. Most of the times, she is quite docile, though she is a bit destructive with household objects, when left to her own devices, but I think this is expected of any parrot...
  15. S

    Please HELP baby conure not eating

    I recently had to take over hand feeding on a 4 week old green cheek conure. I have never handfed before but did a lot of research to try to help this baby survive. He has been eating well until today. He ate 11ml in the morning, next feeding, wouldn’t eat at all. Got 2 ml in but that’s it and...
  16. Rico_Tiel

    I need help badly with some dogs.

    I absolutely HATE the fact I even have to type this but, here we are. We have 4 Italian greyhounds (they are no bigger than a cat) and my mom abuses them. One of them she seems to target. The one she seems to target is fatter than the others and pretty short. He has alopecia (no hair) and has...
  17. kyladoodle

    Hi everyone:)

    Hi everybody- i’m Kyla from NZ. Crazy about parrots - I had a lovebird named Tangelo that unfortunately got sick and passed Dec 2022. I have since adopted an 8year old Rainbow Lorikeet by the name of Gizmo - loving Tangelo and learning from him enabled me to be a savior for this lori, as she...
  18. C

    Sun conure screaming/biting when playing instruments. Seeking advice

    Hey everybody! Brand new to this website. My girlfriend and I just adopted a rescue sun conure from the SPCA and we adore her. She is extremely cuddly (especially with me) and loud (to be expected from a sunny). We've had her for about 3 weeks, and one issue I have noticed with her is that she...
  19. P

    Parrot Offering Head Seemingly for Pet Before Lunging/Biting

    Hi all, Despite what the title reads, this hasn't happened to me. Bobby, the parrot I've received two nights ago though has an extensively aggressive history of attacking people. One of the common behaviours he would do would involve lowering his head towards the bars, seemingly in the...
  20. P

    Cage Set Up - Needs and Musts

    Hi all, A family member of mine is urging me to take on the family parrot, they’ve had him for 12 years and are out of their wits due to their lack of bird knowledge. I’m a wildlife fosterer so because I often have wild birds in my care they want me to take him. He’s lived in the same musty...