Crazy egg laying pattern ?!?!


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May 27, 2015
Ok so I originally joined this forum to find out how to help this bird (long story) bc she, out of no where started laying eggs... weeeellll It started with two back to back.. I did some research, 50% said take it away the other 50% said let her keep it.. soo I let her keep egg number 3 (the first two fell to the floor bc she had no hut or any where to nest IF she wanted to, so I bought her a hut) I put egg #3 in her new hut.. to which it appears she wants nothing to do with.. So after a couple days I took egg#3 out (last night) and whatyaknow theres another egg in her cage floor this mornin.. Now Ive rearranged her cage as was advised after egg #3. Is there need to worry as to WHY she keeps laying them? Or the time span in between eggs? 1&2 came im guessing in the same night bc I found them (smashed) together. roughly 3 days later I found egg #3 and now here it is right at 4 or 5 days and we have egg #4... My googling and forum readings (other sites) say she wont stop until shes satisfied that shes had a full clutch.. but if shes wanting seemingly nothing to do with her eggs.. Ive never seen her sit on them or even move them.. :orange: TY for your help guys I know Ive been chock ful of questions since I joined lol hopefully all my crazy posts will help someone like me whos doing random research
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