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Sep 7, 2006
Bucc is being a real stinker today and is now having a time out in his cage. He knows what he is allowed to and what he is not allowed to do, today he is doing everything that is NOT acceptable, He had his first time out on his Java tree, and had to stay put for a couple of minuites, which he did, when he was allowed off there he went straight back to pulling the curtains down and all sorts of other things which are NOT acceptable. There followed another time out on Java Tree for a bit longer than the first, he stayed put and as soon as he was released from this time out he went back to doing all the things that are NOT acceptable, :30:

This time he had a time out in his cage for a longer period than the second time out. He is now sitting in his cage saying
"Bucc loves Mum" bucc blows kisses
"Bucc good boy"
"love ya"
"Bucc come out" More blowing kisses

How can ya stay mad at these fellas when they start something like that. Its so hard, I have to come into my office and shut the door. :D Just so that I'm not tempted to go over and give him kisses and cuddles.
His time is nearly up so I think I'll go make some coffee and then let him out again.

What a little stinker he is. Good job I love him :D :D
Peta is there something in the air or what? After our Sat from hell with Roxy she was been an angel a wee green angel. BUT today she is cow demon bird from the pits of hell . She also was returned to cage where she sat like a gargoyle making her dyson imitation which sounds like the exorcist sound track.!!!!!
She was screaming for a runner bean and i feel that she will have to learn the hard way. She is now sitting on perch attached to mirror telling the other bird how hard done to she is.
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:D Certainly seems to be something in the air. Yep hard love is the only way to go when they get like this. :D Since Bucc came back out he has been an angel, how long that will last is anyones guess, but if it doesn't its straight back in the cage.:D :D
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Well he's back in so the angel act didn't last long. :D :D What a stinker.
LOL:18: Madam seems to be seing things. She is shadow boxing and attacking her toys. She hangs upside down and burls her head round screaming:confused: Have u heard of a posessed parrot?

She has just settled but it took loads of ba ba black sheep a quiet room and some preening to calm her down. Now she is sitting on my sons shoulder.(not a safe place to have a psychotic parrot I know) fluffy twitching head ,shaking and preening . An early night me thinks. I know she is a bird a parrot but she really is like a toddler, perhaps one with ADHD:rolleyes:
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:18: I guess thats why we love em so much, Never a dull moment.

Have you submitted Roxy's hatchday yet? If your not too sure you can always use the date that you brought her home.
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Yeah, when they're good, they're very very good, and when they're bad they are awful. :D (In other words a bird with character)

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