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Aug 18, 2012
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Please note: Some of these toys may not be suitable for certain birds, depending on size. Please also be aware of threads, colourants and the length of rope/strips (hanging hazard).
These are just suggestions and a general guideline, there are so many variations that you can be done.
Please read the other sticky here for some helpful advice before you start.

· You can use tissues for shredding purposes generally.
· Tug of war. Simple get some strong kitchen roll and twist it so it’s stronger, then let the fun begin!
· If you have a box full of treats you can use tissue / shredded paper to make the search last longer.
· Wrap a treat in some tissue. They’ll have a fun few minutes unwrapping their present!
· You can put tissue in nearly anything, boxes, balls with holes in, etc.
· Shred some tissue up and tie them together in the middle and hang it up.
· Play peek-a-boo with a bit of tissue!
· Get a strong piece of tissue/kitchen roll and make a hole in the centre. Thread a leather strip through the hole, and then thread some beads or a treat also. Tie a knot in the end. You can then use the tissue to cover the treat/beads so your companion has to figure out how to get to them.

Paper rolls

· Simply get some paper (toilet/kitchen) rolls and put some holes in them. Then thread through some plastic straws and put a treat at the top. Your companion can either pull the straws out to get the treat, or have hours of fun figuring out how to get to it by rolling it around! (If you’re unsure, look at the kids game Kerplunk!)
· Get a paper roll and put a treat inside. Seal both ends by folding them securely and let your companion figure out how to get into it. Either by pulling the sealed bits open or by biting right through!
· You can either get a piece of wood, cardboard or paper for this one. Cut out a little birdy figure (2D shape) then put a hole where the wings would be. Get a piece of paper and fold it back and forth (like a fan) and thread it through the hole and splay it out. You can also thread tissues through or straws. Now you have your own little birdy to hang up!
· Get a kitchen roll and poke some holes in it (size depending on your bird). Fill it with treats/toys/paper.
· Get a kitchen roll and put a hole in the center (don’t go all the way through!). Next, get a leather strip and thread it through, securing it inside the roll. Hook it up to your cage and put a treat in the middle of the roll. Now your companion will have to figure out how to get it.

· Simply tie a couple of knots in the straws; they’ll love undoing them or simply using them as a foot toy or for biting.
· Get two bottle caps and make holes in each in the center. Thread a straw through so each bottle cap is at the end. Tie a knot at each end so the caps don’t fall off. Now you have your own little weight! This can be great fun for them to throw around or lift up, or simply chew!
· Get a bunch of straws together and tie them together with a leather strip in the middle.
· Use a sharpener and push the straw through, twisting it as you go. This’ll make the straw all bendy.
· Bend the straw so it goes around in a loop. Hook on end into the other. Now you have your very own circular hoop!
· Build a mini play gym (suggested for smaller birds). Start to build a 3D square out of the straws by linking them together, and then expand it if you wish. Hang toys and treats (before attaching the straws together).

· Use some leather strips and make a tightrope in the cage for your little (or big!) companion. What’s more, you can even hang stuff from the leather to make things more interesting.
· Make a climbing net! How to and instructions here.

Plastic bottle caps
· Your companion can have fun with these generally.
· Play fetch, roll them around, play tug of war.
· You can make a hole in several bottle tops, then thread through a leather strip and tie a knot at the end. You then put little treats inside a few bottle caps so your companion can have fun biting the tops and finding the treats.

Make a box.
Shred it up.
Make a ball with a treat inside.
Get a square piece of cardboard. You now have your own canvas to work on! Stick toys / treats through the cardboard and hang it in the cage. These could include different textured toys also.
Get a certain box and put some holes in it. Now you can add shredded paper/tissue and put their favorite treat in. For larger birds you might not want to put holes in and see if they can figure out how to open the top!
Got an old phonebook? Drill a hole in one corner and hook it up.
Get some receipt paper and hang it up. They’ll love shredding this.

· Play fetch!
· Teach your companion to play basketball.

· Get a ball that has lots of holes in it. Put pieces of fruit so they stick out and hang it up. Alternatively you can put some seeds / treats in there and let your companion roll it around until they fall out.

· Take a bottle (size depends on your bird) and cut the middle section out. You now have the top and bottom halves. Drill a hole in the bottom half and another hole in the bottle cap and screw it tightly back on. Next, put a treat in the bottom half. Then put the top half inside the bottom section. Your companion will learn to lift the top section off to get the treat.
Get a plastic bottle and make a hole in the side. Thread some rope/leather through the hole and tie a knot. Now you can hang this up in the cage and put a treat inside. For an added challenge, fill the bottle with shredded paper.

· Get some plastic cups and make holes in the bottom of every one. Thread a leather strip through them all and hang it up! You can even hide treats in them.
Get some cake trays and put a hole in each of them in the middle. Thread a leather strip through and hang it up! Couple this with some beads if you’d like. You can even place the cups upside down or the right way up and hide treats in there.



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Aug 18, 2012
UK, Leicester.
Tich. A Green-Cheeked Blue Conure. Hatched 6th May 2012 <3
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Misc items
Clothes pegs/pins
· Simply detach each clothes peg/pin so you have two pieces of wood. These can then be used for a foot toy, or you can make your own hanging toy combined with beads and leather.

Egg cartons
· You can stick these at the top/bottom of the cage (on the outside or in) and put little treats inside.
· Cut out two egg cartons (the part that would hold the egg). Fit them together and make a hole in one side. This can be used now as a foraging toy.

Popsicle sticks
· Drill two holes in either end of the stick. Link them together using two leather strips; remember to tie a knot after each stick has been threaded. You now have your very own ladder!

· Simply thread some different coloured beads through a leather strip.

· Get a solid piece of wood and drill holes into it. You can then fill the holes with little treats.

· Got some old Lego around? Build houses, bridges, anything you want! They can also play with the blocks on their own and use them as foot toys; they usually love the bobbly texture.

· Get a piece of square fabric and sew different kinds of buttons onto it. You can then hang it up in the cage.
· Make your own happy hut

Shoe boxes
· Stack some shoe boxes, put some holes in them
· Shower curtain rings can make excellent toys.
· Cable ties can be useful to tie toys onto cages.


I'd like to thank everyone on this forum who have contributed and made it possible to create this thread.

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