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May 20, 2007
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I'm making one ... got my hands on some sisal from the $ store for - well - a dollar and am doing it in the braided rope way, then the braids sort of woven and secured in place with pieces of sisal. I have the 'ropes' braided and am getting ready to begin making it into the net. To fuel all your picture addicts I will take pictures and post them on my photobucket as soon as it is done, and then some tomorrow when it is hung and probably with birds on it.
have you talked to Tex?

he made one from the hard ware store and ended up not using it something about the glue???

I would be very interested to see how you make it though as I have been thinking about making one.
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I started with 48 inch long pieces for the length before braiding, and i think 30 inches for across before braiding. It is now all braided, and knotted into a net. The final measurements are 18x20 inches (approximately). I have trimmed the ends to about 2 inches and frayed them. I also had enough sisal hemp left over for a 24 inch long (not including frayed ends) toy. I made that with three braids braided together and tied off tightly. The net took about 3 hours but thats cause i messed up and had to do a slight re-do half way through, so if i made another one it would probably take about an hour to 90 minutes. Here's a picture:

Its kind of kinky from being tied and such but im sure it will relax once the fids get thier feet and beaks onto it.
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I only used rope, no glue or anything like that. I made my braids then simply tied them off. Because they are baraided the knots held and tight too. I had to fix a part and had to untie a couple spots and man it was not easy ... got a chunk of flesh friction rubbed off in the process and everything.
Hey that net is great, and yeah the kinks should fall out soon.

I think what Kelli was saying was that Tex made one for his 2 and got the rope from a hardware store which contained oils (I think) and we werent sure if the oils were okay for the fids. I'll try and find his post, but I'm sure he'll be on later maybe give him a PM or something.

The rope from bird stores has the oils removed, but its far too early for me to be trying to think at the moment, I'll do some more searching and see what I can find. I'll be back when I've woken up and had my second cup of coffee. :44::44:
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this rope that I used is just plain sisal hemp rope. I have used it before for toys. think its no good for them??
As its been used before it should be okay, maybe it was because Tex's rope came from a hardware store. :confused:
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Possibly. This rope was in plastic when it was bought.
... got a chunk of flesh friction rubbed off in the process and everything ...

Umm, just what EXACTLY was the "process" that you are talkin' about Indigo? Oh, I forgot, you are a good girl and you "wouldn't ever do that ... " :33::54:

FOR THE RECORD: I was concerned with the sisal rope that I bought at the hardward/big-box Store and I couldn't find out if there were oils in it or not ...
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My skin scrape off'age was from pulling the knots tight (apparently I have a high pain tolerance). :p

This rope was not in anything like a big box store. I have used it before and had no problems. They love chewing on it and preening it and such.
i was looking for Banana fiber Rope.
Cant find it its actually made from banana plants .
id love a more laid out detail of how to do the knots as i wanna make a swing . Tammy
Westwood, the knots don't have to be anything special, you should be able to find the instructions on the internet very easily - good old Google helps with everything.

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