Do Your Cpnures Hate Being Low?


Oct 1, 2016
Sun Conure - Loco
Do any of your conures HATE being low to or on the ground?
Loco hates being anywhere but a high point.. he wont even sit on my chest while I lay in bed anymore unless I basically dont allow him to fly off once I start leaning down, instead he will only sit on my knee if I pull my foot in so my knee is high up. He will do anything to stay off tje floor, even wont walk on the couch cushions, only the top ledge of it. Basically, if he is in a room with amything in it, he will not sit anywhere below whatever is in there - if its a laundry rack hell sit on that, if its only a couch - the highest part of the couch, if theres a lamp hell perch there. My shoulder is his go to spot as well as its usually pretty high up, but if I start leaning back to lay down he will fly to something higher, unless I put my hands over him to prevent him from flying off and then once I start giving him scritches hell fluff up and chill out, but is still wary and after a few minutes will fly off to somewhere higher. Its interesting to see instinct so strong. Unlike cockatoos who forage on the floor, most conures seem to be canopy dwelling birds, or on forest edges in the bushes and trees, but its strange and crazy how opposed he is to being low down. Not sure if its all instinct or partially just a weird quirk/phobia of his.
Stephen can often be found high or low. He'll play on the floor, climb up or down anything he feels like...

Doesn't seem to mind either way.
Seems it might be a unique thing with Loco. I know Salty roosts when he is close to bed time at the highest point on his boingy chain. But he will hang out on my bed with me or the couch and not need to be the highest thing in the room. Birds... they are all crazy.
Rbird loves al levels... after all, he owns the whole place. But when he is avoiding capture or defending a stolen scrap, he quickly flies to a high spot.
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Interesting. Maybe it is just a quirk of his. He doesnt mind being on the bottom of his cage to eat or on the bottom of his boing to hang off of, but other than things that are his or really familiar to him, he prefers to not be at ground level or even bed level. Its really strange - his boing hangs at the foot of my bed and he will play all over it and hang from the bottom which is level, even a bit lower than my bed, no problem, but if hes on my shoulder and I go to lay down, thats a no no. The floor might as well be lava because he will avoid it at all costs - I dont think hes ever walked on the floor since he was a baby. I really cant think of any situation that may have scared him into being that way, hes never really had any accidents or anything for that matter so I have no idea what it is.
This, combined with that strange licking behavior he does which even the vet scratched his head over leads me to believe hes just a strange little guy!
My first thought is nervousness, but it could be something besides a frightening event. For example, his diet could be too high energy, leaving him antsy and he could process this as anxiety. Things like that. It bears looking into.

My conures love the floor.

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I can see it now... WCA.. Weird Conures Anonymous.

"Hi, I'm Loko and I have a weird conure."

"Hello, Loko!"
Slightly off topic...
Suns are so gorgeous. MANNN, I wish the Rickeybird would let me get one. Or two.
*lost in fantasy*

Molly, my sun, hates being low too! She is clipped and freaks out when she flies off her cage or play gym and no one picks her up right away. Even though she is potty trained and may have just gone potty she will poop on the floor in protest if we wait more that 10 seconds to get her!

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