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Epilepsy problem


New member
Jan 2, 2023
After doing some research on the internet I came to the conclusion my lovebird has epilepsy. He has had in the past 2 moments when he would lose the strenght in his legs, fall off his perch, uncontrolably flap his wings and after that be extremely tired. I know he does not like to be pet or touched but every time he had one of these seizures I would pick him up and hold him in my hand. He would be so tired that despite his fear, he would still fall asleep in my hand.
There is nothing I can do as the nearest avian vet that specialises with exotic birds is hundreds of kilometers away. I see my lovebird fall off his perch during the day and I can only guess it's also during the night. Its about 4-5 times every day. Might be more as I am not always there. Is there anything I can do? Does this perch falling affect him in any way?
Sad to hear that your Love Bird is having problems balancing and/or falling from his perch. Perch falling is never a good thing as they can hurt their wings and other parts of their body as they fall to the bottom of the cage.

The most obvious thing you could do is to move the perched to very near the bottom of the cage and that would help limit your bird harming itself when falling. Clearly that would include the food and water dishes as well.

As a result of the Pandemic, most Vets have Internet Video Chat abilities. That could be of great help!

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